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  1. efdoucette

    LIVE from the Camino First meal in Spain

    My Italian Camino friend in 2011 (my first Camino) used to say "Coincidences are God's way of staying Anonymous" ... maybe I hope you have a great journey
  2. efdoucette

    September Frances

    Hi Bob, I'm Eric, from Canada. I like to say that your Camino has already started. The interest, research, training, getting comfortable with shoes and gear, reaching out to this community, and yes the obsession, is all part of the process. Enjoy every bit, even the hills, haha, it will enhance...
  3. efdoucette

    Don't grow up: It's a trap.

    The words of Bob Dylan emerged in me as I walked my first Camino in 2011 "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now" That's what the Camino did for me
  4. efdoucette

    Such a long walk

    While we are on the topic of preparations, here are mine, after 10 yrs of various Camino trails: Physical: agree with above, I try to walk 5 consecutive days of 5 km, followed a few days later of 3 consecutive days of 10 to 13 kms, all with 15 pound pack. This helps sort out gear, shoes, energy...
  5. efdoucette

    Walking the Camino Frances multiple times - why?

    I walked my 1st Camino in 2011, it was the Frances. Since then I walk long distance trails every year, most years twice, and I have been back to the Frances for a 2 week section once. It is a magical route. But I have walked long distance trails in Scotland, England, Switzerland (Jakobsweg)...
  6. efdoucette

    Remembering Kindnesses

    So many to list but one of my favorites: Before leaving the town of Salas I stopped in the local bar for a coffee. After paying the older lady 1 euro for the jet fuel she says "uno momento". She no english, me no Espanol, she heads up the bar, I wait. She returns with something wrapped in...
  7. efdoucette

    Seniors on the Camino

    Young / Old ... Black / White ... Rich / Poor, doesn't matter on Camino, you are all sharing an amazing journey. Walk with an open heart, be a friend. Buen Camino
  8. efdoucette

    OK. Checking out of here

    Bon route!!!
  9. efdoucette

    What is the most intimidating aspect of walking the Camino Frances on your own?

    Relative to lesser travelled Caminos I think. Unable to speak the language of the country, walking into a bar, handful of tables, a few locals, no written menu, a grizzled up old timer behind the bar giving you the stare. What do you do??? ... Make eye contact, smile, chuckle at the situation...
  10. efdoucette

    How do I get to SJPP from Paris??

    Absolutely, here is one website to purchase tickets or at least research You can only purchase less than 90 days in advance and please note the origin station is Paris CDG Airport. So, Origin = Paris CDG Airport and Destination = Bayonne The station is not hard to...
  11. efdoucette

    How do I get to SJPP from Paris??

    If you are arriving Paris via CDG airport there is a train station there, lower floor. You can go from Paris CDG to Bayonne changing trains in Bordeaux (very straight forward). Depending on the arrival time in Bayonne you may need to overnight there and take the morning train / bus to SJPdP...
  12. efdoucette

    Having a hard time

    Walk every day if possible, short or long, doesn't matter, enjoy your thoughts
  13. efdoucette

    Snakes alive!

    Your killing me with these snake pictures ...
  14. efdoucette

    Why walk the same Camino again?

    Camino #8 next month. I have been on the Frances twice, Portugal, France, Italy, other areas of Spain. This year thanks to Kitsampler (hope I have that name right) I will walk in Switzerland before I meet old Camino friends to walk some of the Camino Catalan (thanks to Perigrina2000). I'm...
  15. efdoucette

    Why do it Again?

    Just wanted to be a part of this thread. First Camino 2011, since then ... Portugal, France, back to Spain (CF), Italy, Scotland, England, Vietnam, Peru, back to Spain (VDLP). Currently dreaming of my next walk but always driven from my first Camino. It is part of me and I hope to return to the...
  16. efdoucette

    Splitting the First Day

    Mark, if you are arriving SJPdP by bus or train you will not be alone, there will be others. And if not, when you are ready to leave just head on up the hill, there will be others. SJPdP will be full of pilgrims. Another good place to meet others is at the Pilgrim Office where you pick up and...
  17. efdoucette

    Splitting the First Day

    How often do you get to spend a night in the Pyrenees? I recommend Orisson too, you can dawdle in SJPdP for the morning then head out, Orisson is about a 3 hour stroll, taking your time day 1. Also, some of the friends you meet at Orisson become your walking family. I now have a "brother" I met...
  18. efdoucette

    Lessons learned during a week of training

    I didn't read the whole thread but I had a chuckle over this one: "I walk really sloooow the last 5 miles of the day" because it reminded me, the closer I got to the end of my day the faster I walked, similar with my friends. We decided we behaved like horses do, the closer they get to the...
  19. efdoucette

    Zany Knights Templar albergue

    There was a host at the albergue in Foncebadon in 2011 that dressed up as a Templar and carried a sword. He woke me shortly after I fell asleep, standing over me in an intimidating way, light heartedly I think. It was a little startling, all I could muster was a "whad up?" He laughed and moved...

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