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  1. Phil W

    LIVE from the Camino Janet and Phil on the CF 2023

    I feel that the troubles of getting here were a challenge. Somewhat akin to some encountered on a pilgrimage. Thinking of all that we have encountered since leaving home, driving 1000 miles (1600 kilometers), checking on aging family, and the trouble encountered with our flights I guess it may...
  2. Phil W

    LIVE from the Camino Janet and Phil on the CF 2023

    Yes, I did take a pretty good photo. Probably because of the good sleep I had. It's good to be back. Avidly awaiting our arrival in Pamplona today and then Hospital de Pereginos in Arres tomorrow afternoon. Phil
  3. Phil W

    LIVE from the Camino The Adventures of Dani7 on the Camino Francés

    I love Granon. As @J Willhaus said, the stamp is in your heart!
  4. Phil W

    Rabanal to Cruz de Ferro, walk on road?

    Definitely walk the road after Cruz de Ferro. The path is steep and rocky as @J Willhaus has said. That will be hard on your ankle.
  5. Phil W


    Hi Susan, Thank you for wanting to serve as a hospitalero. I echo, @J Willhaus about contacting @tomfriesen for information about training in Canada if you have not had it. During the training, you will be told how to apply to serve in an albergue through HosVol. Other albergues do not require...
  6. Phil W

    Granon - monastery open?

    Had a senior moment and forgot to tell you that San Juan Bautista is a donativo (donation but not free) albergue and also does not accept reservations.
  7. Phil W

    Granon - monastery open?

    If you mean Hospital San Juan Bautista, the albergue at the church, it is open. It is a very special place and well worth staying there. When I served there as a hospitalero, they did not have a phone.
  8. Phil W

    Waiting for pilgrims in Calzadilla de los Hermanillos

    Yes, 2 bunks per cubicle.
  9. Phil W

    Still Longing to Return

    Hi Penny, Ever since we met on the Camino in 2016 you have been an inspiration. I suspect that you will be able to convince your husband that you can and will return for another Camino. Keep us all posted as you continue to train and definitely when you walk another Camino. Phil
  10. Phil W

    Advices not related with transport, Equipment and logistics

    When she is impatiently waiting for me to finish packing (the CPAP and accouterments), remember its not me that she is impatient with, it is packing the CPAP. Figure our a way to gather up my stuff faster!
  11. Phil W

    Sarria to Santiago de Compostela March 2018

    It is time for excitement! I remember the feeling for both my trips and will probably have it again. Buen Camino!
  12. Phil W

    several misc. questions re: Camino Frances

    Welcome to the forum vjhiker! Which route do you intend to walk and where do you plan to start? Regarding health insurance, plan to purchase some type of insurance that will cover you while traveling. Although we don't plan to get sick or hurt, stuff happens. Janet and I use a combination of...
  13. Phil W

    The perfect pilgrim wine! : No vino; no Camino.

    Alberto (he gave me permission to use his name) must have liberally changed the old saying. Thanks for giving me the original saying. Phil
  14. Phil W

    The perfect pilgrim wine! : No vino; no Camino.

    Yes! Thank you.
  15. Phil W

    The perfect pilgrim wine! : No vino; no Camino.

    Our bicigrino told us this morning after breakfast when we were urging him to take additional food with him today since most everything will be closed told us, "Queso y vino para el Camino." Have a very Merry Christmas Alexwalker and all others here and around the world. Phil
  16. Phil W

    Why do it Again?

    Penny, Meeting you on the Camino was great! You seemed so strong even after you told Janet and I about your struggles. Your bravery and strength are examples for others to emulate. I have to return and be a Camino repeater. This time we will be serving as hospitaleros. When you are able to...
  17. Phil W

    Befriending a Pilgrim.

    Well done! Great example of people reaching out to others.
  18. Phil W

    Why were we not informed??

    Yes, is there a "Senior Pilgrim Rate" ;)? If so, sign me up. Phil
  19. Phil W

    Washing clothes on the camino

    I laughed while reading this or maybe it was the vision in my head!
  20. Phil W

    The Sarria Solution...

    Thank you! Sharing your knowledge, I really appreciate it. Phil

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