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  1. Pscarmen

    Do they live up to the name

    Just a thought, not knowing your travel dates, I ordered 3 pair shipped to my house to try out. It’s so easy to send things back now & due to working hours getting to the appropriate stores Wasn’t easy. Greatest of luck to you on your footwear quest & Buen Camino!
  2. Pscarmen

    Advice for a 'mature' pilgrim re the Vezelay route

    Right there with you. I leave in 26 days & am interested in parts of this route though my main goal is to do the Frances.
  3. Pscarmen

    Tips for couple of youngters doing the camino Frances in March/April

    Starting March 26th myself. First timer as well. Hope to see you out there Pilgrim. Buen Camino!
  4. Pscarmen

    Absolute Bare Minimum Packing List

    Man! That’s awesome. I’m a first timer & my pack weighs in just under 4#. I’m struggling with what little I’ll be able to have on the flight over that I’d really like/need to take with me.🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. Pscarmen

    Disc golf on Frances route

    Hi Rennie! I play solo all the time. Just a relaxing sport to me so I can enjoy the outdoors. Many courses (that I’ve been to) are in the woods & it’s a great disconnect.
  6. Pscarmen

    Short first Day? CF

    I see that this refuge is 38€...that’s crazy expensive, is it not?
  7. Pscarmen

    Disc golf on Frances route

    This doesn’t even make sense! Nothing better than a well used disc...♻️
  8. Pscarmen

    Disc golf on Frances route

    Now THIS is the type of response I was looking for. This is awesome. Thank you so much. 🙏🏼♥️
  9. Pscarmen

    Disc golf on Frances route

    Sounds wonderful. I’ll keep an eye out as well👁. Buen Camino!
  10. Pscarmen

    Disc golf on Frances route

    I like this response! Thank you.
  11. Pscarmen

    Disc golf on Frances route

    I was thinking of it more as a day off the path. But I am a big energy ball & need to keep busy. May be wishful thinking...🤷🏼‍♀️
  12. Pscarmen

    April Camino

    Martin that’s awesome for you! I didn’t know about that & ive been on & off here for several years. Thanks for the info!
  13. Pscarmen

    First Camino

    Welcome! Do you have a start date & route picked yet? You know you’re already on your Camino. So Buen Camino new friend!
  14. Pscarmen

    Disc golf on Frances route

    Hello fellow Pilgrims! I am starting my 1st Camino April 1st from SJPdP & plan to go to Muxia-Finisterre. I want to add in some disc-golf along the way. Anyone have info on courses in Spain? (Even southern France would be great.)🥏 I’ve found some courses but cannot for the life of me figure out...
  15. Pscarmen

    Frances in March from SJPdP

    Hope to meet you along the way. I start off April 1st from SJPdP. Buen Camino
  16. Pscarmen

    Beginning my first Camino in SJPDP.

    Hey Jeffrey! I’ll be on my 1st Camino starting April 1st. Been planning this 10 years now. Surely we shall meet. And look for Jorge, he’s starting out a day ahead of you! Will see you in Spain!😉
  17. Pscarmen

    Starting from SJPP on the 5th of April

    Hello Jorge! That’s my Birthday! I plan to start April 1st, but surely we will meet somewhere along the way! Can’t wait. Only 45 days to go. I’ll be going to the end of the world as well!
  18. Pscarmen

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Primitivo in Spring, 2020?

    What route was so busy in April? Doing the Frances in 46 days, first Camino! Biggest worry is being prepared with correct clothing for the weather really.
  19. Pscarmen

    Wandering from the straight and narrow

    How fabulous a family trip!!! I’m going for my 51st since last March was surprise after surprise causing the year postponement. I hope to meet you & your tribe! Buen Camino!

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