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  1. Phil W

    Pedicures along the Camino

    I've gotten a pedicure on the Camino with no problem.
  2. Phil W

    CPAP recommendation

    There are humidifying filters available for the Resmed mini, Transcend, and HDM Z2. You can use the same brand for both the Transcend and the Z2. They are called heat moisture exchangers or HME's. For the Resmed mini moisture is added by use of HumidX or HumidX Plus devices that can only be used...
  3. Phil W

    CPAP recommendation

    When I stayed in Orisson in 2016, there were plugs in our room. For those places where the charging stations where in the hall, hospitaleros have taped an extension cord to the floor to get electricity to those of us using cpaps. I found that I was not the only pilgrim using one. If you...
  4. Phil W

    CPAP recommendation

    This summer will be my 6th time somewhere on the Camino. I have never had to do without my Cpap at night. As @J Willhaus mentioned, I carry a 3x5 card in Spanish that says I have a medical device and need access to an electrical outlet. It is amazing how much help I received from hospitaleros...
  5. Phil W

    Camino with a cpap machine

    I walked the Camino Frances in 2016 with a CPAP machine. I used the appropriate plug and had no problems. Once other pilgrims realized I used a CPAP, they were very accommodating. Hospitaleros were helpful as I made sure I explained the need for a nearby outlet. Only one time was an extension...
  6. Phil W

    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    Praying for your healing. Lit a candle for you at the Cathedral at
  7. Phil W

    Walking after knee surgery?

    Hi Penny, you have been an inspiration to me since we met in 2016. I know that you will get through this. My prayers are with you. I look forward to meeting you again on the Camino. Phil
  8. Phil W

    Torn Meniscus Experience

    Glad you had a full recovery on the right knee. I'm hoping for the same. Hang in there on the left knee. For me aging has become somewhat painful, guess it is reminding me of all those exciting things I did while a bit younger. Phil
  9. Phil W

    Torn Meniscus Experience

    I was unable to walk the Camino in 2017 following a fall that tore 3 quadriceps tendons lose from the kneecap. Tried physical therapy and a hinged brace similar to the McDaniel brace @David shared with us. Still was not strong enough to carry a pack, even a light one, I tried. Ended up having...
  10. Phil W

    The pilgrim next to you just had a heart attack?

    Thank you David! This is a great reminder about taking care of others. I have given CPR on two occasions, neither were expected but just happened. What a great reminder that we can save someone's life if we will just try. Thanks again, Phil
  11. Phil W

    LIVE from the Camino Blister tip .

    We bought a book this week that was reviewed in this month's American Pilgrims on the Camino newsletter called Fixing Your Feet. I hope it will help us when we do our next Camino this winter. The emphasis so far has been on prevention, but only have read the first two chapters.

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