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  1. Scott...O

    LIVE from the Camino VF - Leg 44 from Campagnano to La Storta: temporary change to the route

    Refer to the following link for details.
  2. Scott...O

    Via Francigena Awaits

    Please post your list Bob. Even if Wayne isn’t interested, I know I will be… (we’re hoping to walk the Italian portion later this year, if the various world events permit…)
  3. Scott...O

    Where to get Credencial stamps in Pamplona?

    You could try the Cathedral…
  4. Scott...O

    In search of the best 'Flan' on the Camino?

    Chez Germaine. It looks like they’ve been making the same Tarte there for a long time...
  5. Scott...O

    In search of the best 'Flan' on the Camino?

    You’ll probably disqualify my entry: either on the basis that it was not on “The” Camino (but it was on “A” Camino - Le Puy...), or on the basis that it was not part of a Pilgrim Menu (but it was on a menu...), or on the basis that it wasn’t described as a Flan (described as a Tarte), or maybe...
  6. Scott...O

    Hiking from LePuy in April. Advice needed!

    I think you may have accidentally mis-typed... I believe that the Aubrac is about 1,350m, not 3,000. (Don’t want people to be scared off with concerns about altitude sickness...)
  7. Scott...O

    2021 Vuelta a España

    The official photo gallery is here:
  8. Scott...O

    MAPS.ME vs Google Maps vs competitor apps

    +1 for Windy Maps Link to app in Apple App Store (apologies to users on other platforms):
  9. Scott...O

    Poetically Named Albergues, Casa Rurals, Pensions - Signs

    Not an accommodation sign, but a beer tap sign... in Sauges on the Le Puy, where they trade off the legend/history of “The Beast”. Apologies, for getting a little off topic...
  10. Scott...O

    How to get from Santiago de Compostela to SJPdP

    Try the Rome2Rio website for some suggestions
  11. Scott...O

    Has anyone walked with compression stockings

    My wife wears compression sleeves - they go from ankle to below knee, with no ‘sock’ part. She developed stress fractures in the bones of both her lower legs on our first Camino. She‘S used the sleeves on medical advice ever since (on 3 Camino), without any recurrence of the problem. The benefit...
  12. Scott...O

    Roncesvalles to Pamplona by public transport

    Have a look at this website...
  13. Scott...O

    Publishing daily walk online

    Have another look at Garmin Connect; I believe that it contains a method to create a link that can then be shared to others with no requirement for the others to hold an account.
  14. Scott...O

    You Don't Have to be a Lemming...

    I can’t be the only one that’s done the arithmetic... assuming the maximum 123 days in 4 months (& zero rest days), he walked an average of 33.3 km per day!
  15. Scott...O

    Yellow signs on the Camino

    My apologies for drifting back to the topic... ;-) This photo looks like it shows what you’re looking for (in Alvorge)
  16. Scott...O

    Yellow signs on the Camino

    At least unofficially (seen a couple of days north of Lisbon)...

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