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  1. Phil W

    Can I get poles in Santiago?

    Yes, try Pilgrim House. I have gotten used poles there in the past. I then donated them at an albergue when I finished walking that year. Phil
  2. Phil W

    Shoe width and swelling?

    I use V2 Fresh Foam More Trail Runners. Not sure if they have the seam. I do know that as they break down, they become uncomfortable for me. Phil
  3. Phil W

    Shoe width and swelling?

    I too wear New Balance Fresh Foam More shoes in the wide width. As you said, I do have to replace them rather often. Phil
  4. Phil W

    What shoes type during full winter?

    I wear the Lowa Renegades in the winter and New Balance Fresh Foam More trail runners in the warmer months.
  5. Phil W

    Show me your winter footwear, boots and socks.

    Meindl boots are available in the United States. Do an online search and near you to see if anyone near where you live carries them.
  6. Phil W

    Mystery Ranch Packs

    I recently purchased two packs for a personal pack competition, an Arc'Tereyx Aerios and a Six Moon Designs Swift X. I loaded each in turn with my Camino base (including a CPAP machine and heat moisture exchangers/filters) and walked each with one in turn. I did this twice. The Six Moon Designs...
  7. Phil W

    Shoes: waterproof vs breathable. Trail vs pavement on CF

    I too prefer to walk in a trail runner. My concern is cold and mud. I will keep my eye on the weather. Thanks to both you and @spursfan. Phil
  8. Phil W

    Shoes: waterproof vs breathable. Trail vs pavement on CF

    Thanks @spursfan, I have considered that and have even purchased the trail runners for just that purpose. I have just finished reading about a winter Camino by a gentleman who had to switch to boots during his Camino. I love the breathability and light weight. I have hiked and snowshoed in...
  9. Phil W

    Shoes: waterproof vs breathable. Trail vs pavement on CF

    Thanks @davebugg, that is what I was thinking. I will be in Spain for language school the month of November, then walk, and then hospitalero the last half of December. Phil
  10. Phil W

    Shoes: waterproof vs breathable. Trail vs pavement on CF

    A bit of a change in the original question, would recommendations change in winter weather say in December and January? Phil
  11. Phil W

    My forum app disabled!

    No problem, I've used both and have the forum bookmarked.
  12. Phil W

    Should I get a smaller pack?

    Hi Katie, I had the same question when preparing for the Camino. I had 2 packs and ended up taking the Osprey 58 liter pack as not everything would fit in my Osprey 32 liter pack as I had to take a CPAP machine with me (although it may fit now as I had to send a box to Ivar for storage). I ended...
  13. Phil W

    Backpack fitting tips with update!

    Krissten, I don't expect that they will get sick of you. You are the customer they desire. I didn't buy all my shoes at REI except for the 1 pair that I ended up taking on the Camino. The other 3 pairs were left at home. Do your best to find what works for you. Enjoy not only the Camino but also...
  14. Phil W

    Backpack fitting tips with update!

    Love my lifetime geezer pass to federal parks! Also like my REI membership.
  15. Phil W

    Leaving boots at home...

    I too have a wide foot and have found that Keens seem to work for me. Phil
  16. Phil W


    We carried our rain jackets and rain pants for 45 days last summer and only used the jackets for about 15 minutes the entire journey. Used the rain pants only while doing laundry. Still would not leave either at home. I think rain gear is one of those "just in case" things that I would...
  17. Phil W

    Sleep Apnoea Machine Use

    Gail, I carried a CPAP machine for sleep apnea last summer. No problems as long as I let the hospitalero know when checking in. Fellow Pilgrims were very accommodating when learning that I needed access to the power point/outlet. Enjoy your Camino! Phil
  18. Phil W


    Ordered my EVA Birkies, but cost was mostly in shipping. Cost was for shoes was about $20 plus $12-15 for shipping. Wife got hers on sale through Travel Smith and paid much less for the same shoe, women's version. Very light, very comfortable. for evening and walking around town.

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