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  1. Robert Long

    Seeking Camino spreadsheets for accommodations from Le Puy France!

    On our last Camino in Sept 2022 we started in LePuy and walked for six glorious days. Just a wonderful time, beautiful country. These are the Gite in which we stayed. They were all great. We spoke no French and got along fine. The first night in Montbonnet no one spoke English. But Google...
  2. Robert Long

    Bus route besides alsa?

    Take a taxi. Last year my best friend and I walked our third Camino and we made it our Camino. More than once we started our day with a taxi ride. They seem to be numerous, timely, and not terribly expensive. The Alsa bus is only once per day. Buen Camino
  3. Robert Long

    Reserving accommodation

    For what it is worth I want to echo Karen's experience. Last Sept 2022 my son, best friend, and I walked 7 days on the LePuy. I too have no French. I booked our trip in Sept 9 months earlier in Jan 2022. I was able to contact each gite using their own web site. I did not use Bookings. They...
  4. Robert Long

    ATMS / Bank availability on the CP

    We did the CF last Sept and Oct. I was surprised how many places accepted credit cards. many more than 6 years ago. Buen Camino
  5. Robert Long

    Singing Nuns of Carrion de los Condes

    We were there in Oct 2022. Sisters were there in full voice. Mass was very special. Did not need to. Be staying there. Bob
  6. Robert Long

    Cash vs Credit or Debit

    I always take a few Euros with me. While I have never tested it, I understand that ATMs in the airport charge more. I always wait until I get into a town and then I draw the max allowed. Another thing is to only use ATMs connected to a bank and in the wall of the bank. That is do not use the...
  7. Robert Long

    Accommodation in O Cebreiro

    I was never able to connect with the Hotel Cebreiro by email. They never responded. It was only by phone that I got my reservation in 2022 Bob
  8. Robert Long

    Accommodation in O Cebreiro

    My best friend and I stayed there last October. I began my search for a room in March to no avail. and I too very much wanted to stay in this delightful town. Finally I had a relative in Spain call them to make the reservation. They then confirmed it by email. It was the only way I found to...
  9. Robert Long

    How much do You stretch each day?

    Most exercise gurus will tell us that exercise and stretching will help with shin splints "before" they happen. It might/will even prevent shin splints. BUT once it happens (for me it seems to be at the 30 day mark) only KT tape makes the difference. For me it works. No I do not stretch on...
  10. Robert Long

    Madrid to SJDP

    Good morning I have done it two ways. First I flew from SFO to Madrid, then flew to Biarritz. In Biarritz we hooked up with another Pilgrim who had ordered a van and drove to SJPP. The second time we flew from SFO to Madrid, hopped a train to Pamplona and along with two other pilgrims took...
  11. Robert Long

    Accommodation prebooking

    Oops. Fat fingers did it again.
  12. Robert Long

    Accommodation prebooking

    i have done three Caminos. I would book through Pamplona including prison. Then book two days ahead this gives you comfort of a bed and the flexibility
  13. Robert Long

    Your Fave Le Puy Lodgings?

    Best accommodations and absolutely fantastic food at Le Drailles de la Mageride on saint Alban. Unless you do not want a four course French experience. We were there two nights ago. Owners are great Bob
  14. Robert Long

    payment by credit card in gites on the Podiensis

    On GR65 now 2 gites have accepted credit card rest cash. Definitely carry cash Bob
  15. Robert Long

    ATM withdrawal

    I'm sorry to have confused the issue. Yes, ATMs work 24 hours a day except when updating. But my advice is to only use them during banking hours just in case something goes wrong. If the bank is open then there is someone to speak with. Buen Camino
  16. Robert Long

    ATM withdrawal

    Be careful when using ATMs. Only use an ATM if it is in the wall of a bank. Do not use freestanding ATMs. and then only use the ATM during business hours. 6 years ago in Astorga I did not follow my advice. At 8PM I tried to draw funds only to see the screen turn red (before I touched any...
  17. Robert Long

    transportation on the LePuy

    Thank you for your help. I have no doubt we will get to SJPP in some fashion. Thank you for the links Bob
  18. Robert Long

    transportation on the LePuy

    My best friend and I are planning to walk from LePuy to Nasbinal/Montgros. We then want to move on to the Camino Frances. Does anyone have experience with using public transportation on the LePuy route.? There are trains, but we must use a taxi or uber to get the the train station. Are taxis...
  19. Robert Long

    September 22,2022

    OOPS a day late and dollar short . We are there on the 20th. Four of us from Northern Calif and one from Washington State. Buen Camino Bob
  20. Robert Long

    Cash and credit cards on the camino...

    Buen Camino J Breuner I too live in California and am leaving for France in Sept for our third Camino. I buy a small amount of Euros here in the states just to have when I land. It is cheaper to get the cash in Europe than from Wells. When I withdraw cash I always go for the max simply to...

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