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  1. J

    T-minus 11hours

    and counting till i leave my front door. I've never felt so excited/scared in my life.
  2. J

    recharging portable devices

    by the way, what do the plugs look like in Spain? i just bought an adapter kit that has plugs for "the whole world". i know i don't need all of these fancy plugs, if i can figure out the correct one, then that is all i bring. this kit has 2 round prongs (1 thick, 1 thin) 1 square prongs in a...
  3. J

    Last minute help plz?

    i arrive in Madrid the morning of the 14th for my first Camino. and due to the wealth and complete overload of info to be found here, im left confused on the best/easiest way to get to Roncesvalles. any info or links would be helpful. i was also wondering about the pollen count for this time...

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