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    Ladies, how do you keep valuables safe

    Hi there, not sure what a hippack is but I used a small pack that went around my waist with the pack itself at the front. I went to bed dressed in the next day’s attire including my hip pack/pouch. It didnt disturb my sleep as I sleep side to side. ☺️
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    Sleep Apnea

    Ch eck out the British Snoring site. They talk about and offer alternatives to machines for suitable candidates
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    Article in the NYT about walking and Camino

    It worked! Thankyou so much! Funny, I said to my brother: it’s the best thing I’ve done! Just like the son in the article. 🙏
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    When do most pilgrims feel like quitting the Camino de Santiago?

    Like you I never felt like giving up but I did wonder if I would make it on a few occasions
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    Is it rude to ask people why they walk

    Beautiful response.
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    Camino Frances in October - long or short-sleeve merino?

    I walked at the same time 2022. I had two long sleeve merinos and also light short-sleeve tees. Vital was my rain jacket with a hood. I also wore rain pants when it was vey wet. I never had short-sleeved merinos just polyester tees. I checked out the weather each day and adjusted my clothing...
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    Sleep Apnea

    Hey there, I have moderate OSA and used a mandibular advancement splint recommended by the British Snoring people. You can buy this online or have a more expensive version fitted by your dentist. It is not suitable for people with severe OSA. It requires no power but a little getting used to...
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    The spirit of Camino

    I did put my bag through after my osteoarthritis flared and sometimes ate in restaurants sometimes in the Albergue when available. I mostly slept in Albergues and I walked all the way. I was still able to experience something I would call Spirit. And, I think I can bring that knowing in small...
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    The spirit of Camino

    For me it was living each day for the day. Meeting beautiful souls along the way was so important. Also, the daily struggle was real! It gave meaning and purpose to the pilgrimage. I loved the reverence the Spanish people have for the Camino. I will never forget it and hope that I can carry the...
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    What is Your Marching Music

    “Climb Every Mountain”!
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    Bed bugs

    Hi, fellow Aussie here. I’m not sure if I encountered bedbugs on the Camino but… I did spray everything at the end and washed all cloth in 60 degrees at the laundromat at Santiago de Compostela. We were heading to a friend’s place in London and I didn’t want to take unwanted visitors. Buen Camino!
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    When do most pilgrims feel like quitting the Camino de Santiago?

    Hi there, I never felt like quitting I did, however, wonder whether I would finish. What I mean by that is that I was concerned that an injury would stop me. But thankfully I got through relatively unscathed 🙏
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    Brisbane peregrine/as - where did you hill train

    I felt anxious prior to each hilly bit even when I knew I could do it. I tried to accept the feeling and make good plans as you are doing. Rocky bits happen but your feet adapt and you also have flat smooth bits. Feet are a topic of conversation all the way. Part of the experience unfortunately...
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    LIVE from the Camino Animal tracks in snow - can someone identify?

    I remember seeing that message in October last year. 😂😝
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    Brisbane peregrine/as - where did you hill train

    You’re welcome. Sounds like you’ll be fine anyway. Hills can be daunting but taking them at your own pace always gets you through. Enjoy your Camino! Cheers Kay
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    Brisbane peregrine/as - where did you hill train

    Hi Glenda, If you feel like a drive on the weekend you could go to Mt Beerburrum. Very steep and similar to the gradient to Orrisson and beyond. Buen Camino! Kay

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