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  1. Shalaw

    LIVE from the Camino HELP!! Nowhere to stay tomorrow

    Maybe have a shorter day and stay in Logrono? We had our rest day there, booked the Carlton and it was fab! We didn’t stay on the Brierley stages though, as the albergues fill up quick.
  2. Shalaw

    Securely Storing Valuables While Showering

    When I did the Camino, I was with my partner, so we took turns watching each other’s valuables, but I’ve heard some people bring an ‘S’ hook, that they could attach a dry sack or bum bag to the shower door or the rod with and that seemed to work out really well for them. Some stalls have no...
  3. Shalaw

    What book defines 'off stage'?

    You can use any book. For example, the Brierley book shows towns before and after the suggested stops in his book, so being off stage means you are choosing to stay in any of those towns and not at the suggested stop.
  4. Shalaw

    Not what I expected!

    I was surprised how quickly my body could regularly recover! Honestly, there were days when I strolled into town, with feet so tired and sore that I thought NO WAY would I be able to continue the next morning, but lo and behold, after a good-ish nights' rest (I am a light sleeper and then of...
  5. Shalaw

    I need to shorten my walk

    The OP asked for ways to save time on their Camino so I made a suggestion. I don’t understand why some people feel the need to judge others on how they complete their Camino and say how I did it is ‘incorrect’. It’s just uncalled for.
  6. Shalaw

    I need to shorten my walk

    We cycled across the meseta in 2.5 days which is normally a 7-8 day walk so we saved 5, 5.5 days doing that. Lots of people say it’s sacrilege to not walk the meseta but we still experienced it, just by bike instead. It was so much fun too! We had our bikes delivered to La Fabrica, our albergue...
  7. Shalaw

    Stuck in Spain

    You’ll likely spend $1,000 staying in Spain for an extra month, by the time you pay for hotels and food?
  8. Shalaw

    Bed bugs & getting rid of gear

    I also had encountered bedbugs twice on Camino Francis. What I did was wash the entire contents of my backpack, then sprayed my backpack with chinchos spray from the ferreteria (hardware store) which got rid of them. I also sprayed my passport and other things that couldn’t be washed. I also had...
  9. Shalaw

    LIVE from the Camino Ethics Question -- to walk or not to walk?

    When my partner and I walked in 2015, we agreed before we left that tired or injury trumped all, and so we would be together throughout the entire thing. Thankfully, neither of us got injured enough to stop walking. I did get a couple of small blisters, but only after walking through Galicia...
  10. Shalaw


    I took the Lush shampoo and conditioner bars and loved the shampoo but hated the conditioner, so ended up buying mini bottles of conditioner at the supermarket.
  11. Shalaw

    How important is a rock plate for CF?

    Hi Annie, one that automatically comes to mind is the down into Monlinaseca. I found that path to be particularly jagged, but I think that was about it. I hope you are keeping well. :) Sharon
  12. Shalaw

    LIVE from the Camino Struggling with fitness and mood

    Have you had Covid in the past? I swear my body and mind have changed since I had it, and I get tired quicker and easier than before having it. Age can also play a factor, even if it's just an additional five years. When I walked Camino Frances to celebrate my 50th birthday in 2015, I was...
  13. Shalaw

    Wet credential

    Congratulations! Well done, you! And thank god you had no trouble getting your Compostela! Sharon
  14. Shalaw

    Bedbugs: The Myths, the Legends, the Realities

    Thanks for the post, Dave. I've read that bed bugs are attracted to the type of carbon dioxide we emit when breathing, but as far as I know, there is only one kind so not sure if there is any truth to this? I think lots of people get bitten but not all are allergic or sensitive to their 'juice'...
  15. Shalaw

    Coping with change after Sarria - wisdom needed please

    The original poster asked for advice and it’s been given. She can decide if she listens to any of it, or not. No one is trying to convince her it’s been unpleasant, and we have shared what works for us.
  16. Shalaw

    Coping with change after Sarria - wisdom needed please

    I find when I’m feeling negative about things, it’s time to reframe my thoughts into positive thoughts. I would use this time to re-enter the non-Camino world, because once you get to Santiago you’re back in the real world again. You can also choose to add the energy and excitement of those...
  17. Shalaw

    Sick in Pamplona

    Thank goodness for your negative results! It’s funny how we forget the common cold and flu are still out there. Sending you healing vibes and best wishes for a quick recovery! Buen Camino!
  18. Shalaw

    Sick in Pamplona

    I’m so sorry to hear you are sick. You may want to do another antigen test because the timing for those can be very precise. I’ve also read that the new Covid variants may not be detected with the current antigen tests so the best you can do is practice social distancing, etc. It’s possible you...
  19. Shalaw

    Voltaren Avilability

    I'm not sure f you're talking about the topical rub or the tablets, but in my experience, they sell something better than Voltaren. It's ibuprofen based where Voltaren is not, and it was magical on my feet after a long day of walking. Much more effective than Voltaren for me, anyway. Buen Camino!
  20. Shalaw

    Polling Fellow Walkers - Start in SJPP or Pamplona?

    My vote is SJPdP. Even if you need to delay a day.

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