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  1. Stroller

    Blankets 2023

    For sleeping bags on a budget try Snugpak their gear is not the lightest but pretty good. I use one of their lightest bags and cost/weight trade fof is fine for me.
  2. Stroller

    London to Santiago best route?

    You could try London, Portsmouth, St Malo, Mont St Michel, Voi de Capitales, Voi Littorale and you are in Bayonne. All the french routes are waymarked. A good walk.
  3. Stroller

    A stroke and the Camino

    I had a stroke in early 2016 which left me with weakness in my left side and walked from SJPDP to Santiago in September that year as part of my recovery. Doctor thought I was potty, Physio. thought it was possible "but ------", wife thought I was barking, she's probably right. I was...
  4. Stroller

    How to use luggage service if I'm staying at Airbnb?

    Some albergues will not accept you dropping your pack for collection by Jacotrans if you have not stayed with them.
  5. Stroller

    How important is a rock plate for CF?

    The climb out of Atapuerca has edge on strata, most uncomfortable, and rock plates or better still a hacked up milk bottle would help a lot to stop bruising.
  6. Stroller

    Camino etiquette

    Twas every thus
  7. Stroller

    Pound Euro rate

    It started loosing value in 2016
  8. Stroller

    Biking from Belgium

    Two solutions: Cycle back or go by train. For the train you will need a bike bag/box which I believe are available in SdC, to cycle back, just you legs and time.
  9. Stroller

    Sink plugs?

    A piece of plastic bag cut bigger than the hole works well, costs and weighs nothing
  10. Stroller

    Merrel MOABs

    I use them and find they have a thin insole so I now replace the Merrel insole with one that is thicker around the ball of the foot, means I have to go up a bit in sizing but it works for me. I have also on occasion cut myself some rock plates, from a variety of materials including plastic milk...
  11. Stroller

    Yet another sleeping bag question!

    Try Snugpac relatively cheap, UK supplier, can be found used and then cleaned, and have worked well for me walking in late August/September/October. Not the lightest possible but not heavy.
  12. Stroller

    Having spouse join for final 100km, or meet in Santiago - I’m thinking it’s not a great idea…

    I only switched my phone on briefly once a day, if there was anything urgent, there wasn't, it could be picked up then. For my granddaughter I sent a postcard, yep very old fashioned, as often as possible with a short tale explaining what the photograph was about. She has stored them in an album...
  13. Stroller

    Having spouse join for final 100km, or meet in Santiago - I’m thinking it’s not a great idea…

    As @David above has said you have made up your mind. I needed decompression in SdC after my walk, time to process it all. My wife flew in after a couple of days and we had a long weekend exploring the city and, incidentaly, getting to know each other as she said I was "different". Has never...
  14. Stroller

    Where is the Bus Stop in Viana?

    By the roundabout on the N111 and Calla la Solana
  15. Stroller

    What would you do?

    The Francigena, but I have walked to Santiago so no competition.
  16. Stroller

    Talon 33 vs Tempest 34.... help me decide, please

    Try them both, loaded, for as long as possible and keep the most comfortable.
  17. Stroller

    Gronze has added Via Francigena

    That will help my planning good on them.
  18. Stroller

    Lightweight and Compact Sleeping Bags for the Camino Frances

    Jungle bag works well for me
  19. Stroller

    Is it okay to want to walk the Frances alone?

    Absolutely nothing wrong with walking alone, you will get enough company at your daily destination. There are those who recharge in others company, extroverts, and those who recharge alone, introverts and there is nothing wrong with either sort. By the way you don't want to walk with this lady...
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    Suggestions for 2022 Holiday Season Gifts

    Time to walk

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