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  1. KevUK

    LIVE from the Camino From California to Santiago, my Camino Journey

    Buen Camino.. I can’t wait. I arrive Tuesday and start Wednesday am.. 🥰🙏🏻
  2. KevUK

    Ride Share 18th April 2023 Biarritz to SJPP

    Anyone traveling from Biarritz to St Jean on 18th April. If you want to jump in with our car it’s booked for approx 19.30. Let me know and I will fwd detail to you. Buen Camino
  3. KevUK

    Where to buy a staff in SJPdP?

    I plan to buy a staff in SJPP. Does anyone know a a good outlet tat will be open in the evening.. 8-9pm … if not a time they open early morning 🥰
  4. KevUK

    Missed opportunities

    This will be my first Camino (French Way). I was bought a guide book (Walking the Camino de Santiago) that helped me plan times etc and if gives a few facts about the route, Albergue etc.. and I’ve watched a few you tube blogs but that’s it..I’m putting on my boots and pack and just walking the...
  5. KevUK

    Sleeping bag question

    I may be foolish but I’m stating 19th April and only taking a bag liner. If it get a bit chilly I will put a layer of clothes on and if it’s cold I will buy a bag on route. But … looking at temperatures a liner should be fine …. I think
  6. KevUK

    Ride Biarritz to SJPDP - 18th April 23

    Anyone looking to travel from Biarritz airport to St Jean Pied de Port on 18th April 2023 let me or @Janbretta know. We have transport booked. The more the merrier and cheaper per/person. The car is booked for 19.25. Much easier than bus/train to Bayonne the St Jean and….trying to make transport...
  7. KevUK

    Biarritz airport 18 April 2023

    Can you send me the email address again or send on email to .. the mail address has been edited out 🙈
  8. KevUK

    Biarritz airport 18 April 2023

    Hiya… are you on the easyJet flight from Gatwick? I land at The same time. I feel your pain with no connections. We can either car share to SJPDP (others welcome) or bus to Bayonne, stay o/n in an Albergue in Bayonne and get the early train to St Jean. I’m planning on starting the walk on 19th...
  9. KevUK

    Accommodation- Biarritz or Bayonne

    I should have said… I intend I go to pilgrim office and hit the walk. Maybe an hour looking around but that’s it. 😂
  10. KevUK

    Accommodation- Biarritz or Bayonne

    I arrive Biarritz at 18.45 on 18th April .. buses and trains aren’t available until 06.40 on 19th so where is best to stay … Biarritz or Bayonne?

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