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    COVID 8 days left of Camino Frances and too sick to walk

    I totally agree with this response. I hope that you feel better soon. The first time I walked the Camino I pushed my distance when I was injured. I know call it my injury of will. Stay safe. A
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    Warning: Jacotrans

    I used Jacotrans in 2010 for 42 days without a hitch. Im walking now for four days and using their services. I think they are fantastic. I think an excel sheet might have been too too complicated. It’s all very simple. 5 euros in the envelope, destination and your name written in the front of...
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    Trail Condition - before Molinaseca

    That section was exactly like that when I walked in 2010. Incidentally I too walked it yesterday and slept in Molinaseca. I chose to walk on the road after several hours and when a cab was coming I hailed it. He returned to pick me up in fifteen minutes. In 2010 I made it to Acebo and then...

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