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    1st pilgrimage, 65, female, solo, asking for advice

    I'm starting in pamplona this year 11th may will be my 19 th experience of Camino's say every year that's last but still get the urge At 71 years young will probably only get to Astorga this year no worries have done full way many times along with nearly every every other route as well so Buen...
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    Old-ish solo lady

    If using albergues mostly a good up to date cost would be a comfortable 50 euro a day but could be less according with what restrictions you impose on yourself as to include extra luxuries each day but whatever way cap your spending amount you will treasure this wonderful experience Buen Camino
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    Newbie here!

    Yes to verify where you started from and get starting out stamp
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    Once more from Pamplona

    Starting from Pamplona on 14th may got 25 days this year see where it takes me my 19th time on various Camino's still get the Buzz
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    Here we go again

    Hi all I'm starting in pamplona this year on May 14 arriving on 12 th.will be my 19th trip on various Camino's still get a buzz from it.
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    Camino Return/Tickets Purchased

    Yes once you reach Leon you could take a bus to Oviedo or do the san Salvador Camino from Leon to Oviedo between 5 or 6 days fantastic Camino vistas beautiful but fairly tough going then start primitivo from Oviedo
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    Calendar MAY 2022 start - Check in here!

    Nearly time now for my Camino from SJPDP 26 th may ✅
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    Charles rogerson

    Hi all pilgrims starting from SJPDP on 26 th may will be my 18th time on the caminos still have urge despite being 70 years young.
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    Hello....3rd time on Camino...first time communicating on the website.

    Yes I'm same very fortunate to be healthy at 70 hoping to do 3 weeks from Logrono to wherever I get to this will be my 18 th Camino still got the urge done Frances few times last year done Portuguese again . God willing all goes to plan again this year buen Camino my friends
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    Planning for Camino 2022: Is it safe to travel later this year?

    Usually got my plans and flights booked by now but holding back before making decisions on 18 th Camino now turned 70 years young but still got the urge for another anyone else think it will be ok later this year done The Portuguese Camino again last year but a lot of hassle with paperwork...
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    Indecisive about my next (5th)and my husband's first Camino in late June.

    I also think San Salvador then primitive great Camino's to do jointly but be aware you really need to be fairly fit to achieve this but both have beautiful scenic views
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    I would advise to go and start from sjpdp don't miss this opportunity of great but fairly challenging first day and have the option of starting later day and staying at orison
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    Porto Camino 28 June

    Same here feel gutted and let down by this so called government change there minds faster than weather changes all they talk about is data etc no long term planning or thought goes into there decision making
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    Porto Camino 28 June

    I arrive in Porto from Scotland done Porto to Compostela 3 times already each different routes this will be my 14th Camino over the years missed last year due to covid looking forward to getting back on trail.
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    Porto Camino 28 June

    Anybody starting on 29 June from Porto. Just wondering how busy or quiet this year.

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