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    Can my wife accompany me by bus?

    Thanks so much for your help with this. Now I have two sets of advice where I had none. :D
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    Some time ago I realised that the present is the only reality we have. The past is gone, and the future does not exist. So we have 'the now' and we should be content in it and enjoy what it brings.Mostly it is good, and when it is not, it gives us a task to do - to make it better. Mostly...
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    Atlanticheart - Someone above said get some shoes one and a half sizes larger than those you normally wear. I think that is VERY BAD ADVICE. Sorry, but it just is. Loose shoes will move on your feet and rub the skin. The potential for blisters with large shoes is very high. Of course tight...
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    Staying in an albergue straight after buying a credencial.

    I arrived about eleven months ago at the Jesus y Maria alberge at about 2200 hrs straight off a bus from Barcelona to start a camino the next day, and the lady Hostpitaler was very helpful indeed. I was with someone else who was also starting there and we had no trouble at all. I think at times...
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    Pilgrim Passport from Pamplona 2010

    My son just got one at the Bishop's Palace there this last week. I got one at the Jesus y Maria alberge in Pamplona in 2009. I expect they still do them there. Mine cost a couple of Euro I think, or maybe it was one Euro - very little anyway. That is a very comfortable alberge.
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    We are in Azofra

    I sympathise with your relief at not having to share with the snorer. I have twice done 80 mile plus sections of the Camino and been tortured by the snoring of others. I don't sleep very well anyway and have found it particularly trying. Last time I stayed in pensions to avoid it and enjoyed...
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    Can my wife accompany me by bus?

    Hi, I have walked a couple of sections of the Camino Frances in the past when alone, but my wife would like to accompany me, but is not able to walk long distances. We will stay in hotels, and I wonder if it would be possible for her to come with me by following my daily walks on local buses...

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