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  1. catnorth

    Travel from Canada to Porto

    Also, look at TAP air, I think they are partners with air Canada. They fly out of Toronto and Montreal.
  2. catnorth

    Travel from Canada to Porto

    Hi, I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I flew to London on air Canada then flew London to Porto. From Victoria, most likely air Canada to UK or Portugal. Does Air transat go to Portugal from Vancouver? Let us know what you find! Have a great trip!
  3. catnorth

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Covid Insurance from some regions of Spain

    I found this today on Spain Travel Safe site. Some regions have free coverage for Covid illness while visiting. See link - Hope this is helpful!
  4. catnorth

    Madrid Hotel Storage

    I emailed Hostal Persal yesterday as I booked with them and they said they would hold my bag while I was on the Camino next month.
  5. catnorth

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD French Vaccine Passport - February 2022

    Hi, I did this last month in France. Super easy and fast. Put the Tous anti covid app on your phone ahead of time. At the pharmacy they will check your vaccine documents then give you a QR code then you are done. It is great to have this app and you can use in the EU not just France. It is...
  6. catnorth

    LIVE from the Camino Gravelle to Saint Astier

    You helped me to decide where I will walk this fall!! So Lovely! Cathy from Toronto
  7. catnorth

    Finally found reasonable airfare from U.S.!

    Thank you for the information! My daughter is going to meet me there next spring and she lives in West Covina so she could fly out of ONT. I live in Calgary so I will route a different way, Cheers!

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