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    The timing of this question was timed perfectly though I'll be on the Frances beginning in mid-Sept. I have a liner and debating whether to bring a light camp blanket as well.
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    Sept. Taxi from Bilbao to SJPDP

    Thanks for the suggestion. Checking it out now.
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    Sept. Taxi from Bilbao to SJPDP

    Thanks. Definitely an option, though would need to get to Biarritz from Bilbao.
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    October CF bottoms for women - suggestions appreciated!

    Old Navy has a range of tights in varying weights, definitely some that will be warm for Oct. Usually have pockets on the legs, which are great for the phone. Inexpensive, light weight, and at the end you can ditch if you so choose without feeling guilty.
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    Sept. Taxi from Bilbao to SJPDP

    Currently, making final preparations for Sept. walk on the Frances. If others have information they can share about taxi service in Bilbao who will transport to SJPDP, it would be most appreciated. I understand taxi / bus / train or other combinations can be found on Rome to Rio however prefer...
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    Multipurpose shoes for shower and town?

    Oofos! Great recovery shoe, extremely light. Walk about town, showers, etc. They make several styles to choose from. Price wise more than Crocs but also WAY MORE comfortable.
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    The Way 2

    Thank you, thank you!! I had watched in a few months back with my family off of Prime Video, then it disappeared. I'll be on the lookout for it streaming.
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    The Way 2

    Any update on when The Way will be accessible again on streaming services?
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    Camino Francés Federación to ban suitcases in their albergues (11 albergues affected by this rule)

    No doubt there are a myriad of pilgrims who may be challenged to carry a full-pack (based on 10% guide) for the duration of their Camino. Having had back surgery, I am unsure whether I can. For this reason, I have had plans to lighten the load by having a separate pack sent forward. If it needs...
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    LIVE from the Camino CF-things are not that bad - May 2023

    I'm seeing a number of references regarding first week of September, is there another holiday then that I need to factor into timing of start on Frances?
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    What brand sports bra?

    You might try Old Navy High-Support PowerSoft Zip-Front Sports Bra for Women
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    Best money belt

    I use a Flipbelt when running and plan to use it on CF later this year. Very comfortable and easily worn under clothing.
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    Thoughts on “Santiago - the Camino within”

    I'll Push You is very powerful, and heartwarming. The concept of 'faith' is interwoven in the story, it is not heavy handed. Make sure you have a box of tissues at hand. I will watch it again. Truly highlights the power of the human spirit and reveals, as many of have walked have noted, that...
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    Thoughts on “Santiago - the Camino within”

    Had a ticket for the showing in DC last night but traffic jams caused me to miss it. The reviews here and on other Facebook groups tell me I would have been very disappointed. Thanks for your insights.
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    Please plan to stop in Navarrete 8 miles outside of Logrono

    Food map? I'd be interested to see the spots you've highlighted.
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    Santiago to Finisterre

    Curious whether you booked these rooms directly or through Thanks.
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    Hot flashes and sleeping bag liners?

    A number of sleeping bag liners have full side and bottom zippers. Here's the one from Amazon and very reasonable.
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    Recommendations for Warm and Comfortable Shoes in Town during October

    You might look into OOfos. They are AMAZING recovery shoes and have several styles. I plan to use their clogs w/ socks if needed this fall.
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    New Gear

    Highly recommend a pair of OOfos for evening walk, fantastic after long runs, rides, and hiking.
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    Bread Options?

    A person with celiac disease (celiaco) who must follow a gluten-free diet cannot eat wheat, rye, barley, bulgur, farro, spelt, triticale, einkorn, or kamut. Just as in the U.S. those grains are not gluten-free in Europe.

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