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    Let's talk waist packs!

    I bought mine in decathlon, it folds in on itself, is very useful to wear inside a walking skirt or shorts… I’m able to fit my passport, credential, cards and money, also my phone… takes up very little room and because it’s collapsible I wear it bed also…. I do this because in 2015 some of my...
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    Bus from Santiago to Porto

    You’ll definitely be able to get a train…. Change at Vigo…. Just a bit of a wait at Vigo…. All will be ok 👍
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    Camino Invierno july 9th 2021

    I plan to walk the Camino Invierno on September 18th from Ponferrada with some friends… looking forward to walking again… it’s been some time… buen Camino everyone ☘️
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    What do you like to do when you get to Santiago?

    The San Martin Pinario is the best place to stay in Santiago.... I just love having a bed with clean sheets in my own little pilgrim room.... great buffet breakfast and a great bar to sit and relax in and have a glass or two of vinho.... it’s great to wander the streets and pop in for tapas in...
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    Camino Variante espiritual

    Hi there i walked early March 2020 just before the lockdown. The ferry wasn’t operating but I got the dinghy across, there was no problem.... unfortunately the albergue in Armenteria was closed, with Covid-19 I don’t know if it would be open now though....and I don’t think the ferry runs in...
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    Planning a “25 km or less” Camino on the Invierno

    Thanks Laurie.... I’ve walked many a Camino but I’ve developed osteonecrosis of my knee so I don’t want to do long days.... I try to listen to my inner voice... not always successfully though 😀🇮🇪
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    Planning a “25 km or less” Camino on the Invierno

    Hi Laurie I’m hoping I’ll be able to walk the Invierno from mid September (if I’ll be allowed leave Ireland) 😳... I have John Brierely’s book on it..... I’m glad you’re beginning to post the stages over shorter distances, I found those in the book quite long.... looking forward to more...
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD COVID-19: Current Camino Conditions

    I’m walking the Portuguese Camino since March 3rd and arrived at the albergue municipal in Armenteira today to find it closed... there were only 3 of us.... there had been no warnings about this.... on speaoto another Peregrina she said that many of the municipal albergues have closed ....I will...
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    Coastal Portugués Camino in March this year....

    Thank you so much everyone... I really appreciate your input.... Mary-Rose
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    Coastal Portugués Camino in March this year....

    Hallo there im beginning the coastal Portugues route from Porto to Santiago on March 3rd this year.... I just have one question, will the Albergues be open on this route... I would appreciate your help on this ... I’ve already looked on the really good site which shows the Albergue open tha t...

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