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    Backpack transport Camino Mozárabe.

    I was just going to ask the same question. I broke a toe in January and was misdiagnosed so it has not healed yet. I start from Granda on May 1 with a friend and don't want to let her down. I am thinking now of walking alternative stages?... Or maybe meeting her at each night's lodging? Any...
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    Thank you for that. I will give it a go. Sue
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    Does Jacotrans only deliver from stage to stage (Brierly) or to places in between? Our Camino has been set back by 12 days after we both caught the flu and then my husband, Max, got a chest infection. We are lucky to have found a nice hotel with a balcony overlooking Yamaguchi Park and next to...
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    DAILY -- Forum Meetup in Santiago de Compostela

    I will be there around the beginning of July. We will definitely drop in!! I would love to physically meet some other Forum members. Sue
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    22 Sleeps to go - But My Camino has started in earnest ....

    My husband and I leave on April 25 for Seville. We initially were going to do the Mozarabe from Granada to Merida, then the Madrid and then the Invierno (we like being away from the crowds). I was planning to leave the Frances until we were 'old', when we would appreciate the shorter walks. Max...
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    Invierno guide, January 2015, now available

    Thank you for the guide, Laurie. We will be walking the Invierno in late June, after the Mozarabe and Madrid. I am truely looking forward to it. Sue
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    On my countdown .. a few things that are preying on my mind.

    Quote:"As for paper vs the rest of the waste ... tp also decomposes. I say pick it all up and dispose of it when you can. It's what we do with our dogs's waste after all." TP does decompose, but it takes a while (especially scrunched up and damp). There are few things more off-putting than used...
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    English-Language App Guide to the VDLP Now Complete!

    Annie: I had an Orange Spanish SIM card that I bought for E5 in Sevilla and a plan for E3.5/week,, that gave me unlimited data and internet. The only place I did not have reception on the VdlP was a few spots in Galicia in the mountains and that was only for a short time. I used it for emailing...
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    Telephones/Communication with home (Via de la Plata)

    Sorry for the late reply; I am trying to wean myself off the forum: too much gardening to do! I imagine Falcon is correct: I do not have an address on the info I brought home with me. I simply walked into the Orange store in Sevilla; it is one of their standard plans. It was exactly what I...
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    Telephones/Communication with home (Via de la Plata)

    Hi, All: I have just finished my first Camino and loved it. I took my iphone with me and bought a new SIM card from Orange in Sevilla for 5 or 10 euro (can't remember which). I then bought a plan called "Delfin" which gave me unlimited data for 3.5 euro a week. This gave me unlimited internet...
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    Problem before Galisteo

    Hi: I totally agree with Alan. I have just returned from the Camino; I was the only person that day who did not get lost getting into Galisteo. I simply followed all the advice posted here: walk along the concrete waterway until you see a green gate on the left with the No Passar - Peregrinos OK...
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    It's very hot on the VdlP

    It is raining today in Seville and the pasos (parades) are not happening. It is cold too, 18C or less. Forecast is for rain until Monday. When I start walking. Lots of ladies in mantillas. Hope all is going well Sharon. Sue
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    I'm on my way.

    Hi, Melanie; Thanks for your app; I have put it on my phone; it looks extremely helpful. Do you have any idea when the next section might be ready? I leave Sevilla on April 25 - first 3 weeks with a friend then the rest on my own. I am so excited!! Sue
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    Via de la Plata in April

    Hi; I am starting the VdlP on April 25, but will be in Sevilla from April 16th. PM me and we can have a chat somewhere. Sue; Dulwich Hill, Sydney
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    New VDLP travel app out

    Thank you, Melanie!! It looks great. I will buy it as soon as someone comes home to help me do it (TOTAL Techno-Imbecile). I leave Sevilla on April 25, so maybe the next section will be ready before I get to Merida? Sue
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    New CSJ guide to the VdlP

    Hi, Alan; My friends and I are leaving Sevilla on April 25 (I think we will have to have a private Aanzac Day ceremony as we leave Sevilla). Will there be copies available in Sydney, do you think, or should I try to get one from CSJ direct? Sue
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    Altus Poncho

    The shipping costs from Peregrinoteca are much cheaper than Barrabes. I received mine in Australia in about a week. Final cost for poncho (due to removal of some Spanish taxes) = 25.42E; Shipping to Australia =16.94E. Sue
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    sending luggage ahead

    Thanks Janet, I am planning to send my things to Pension Badalada in SDC; on top of the mailing cost it will be 15E to store a small box for 60 days. I think it will be well worth it. Sue
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    sending luggage ahead

    Thanks, Sil and Renegade Exactly the info I needed to know. One less thing to worry about! Sue
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    sending luggage ahead

    Hi, I see that the size of box to use for the luggage storage is very precise. Are these boxes that are readily available and where would I get one? Does it need to be wrapped in paper after sealing? What kind of postage cost would it be from Sevilla-is it based on weight or size? I am taking a...

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