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  1. Jennifer from Colorado

    FICS Forum: Why Change the 100 km. rule to 300 km.?

    Terry, of COURSE your wife can make the walk - the rule isn't about who can walk it, it's about the Pilgrim Certification process.
  2. Jennifer from Colorado

    FICS Forum: Why Change the 100 km. rule to 300 km.?

    Ok, maybe it's just me, but I went on the Camino AS a pilgrim, in every sense of the word. The whole pilgrimage, beginning actually in Paris at the monument to St Jacques, then to SJPdP, and every step of the way. It was truly a marvelous, reverential, PILGRIM experience....UNTIL I GOT TO...
  3. Jennifer from Colorado

    No more Botafumeiro 19.30 Friday mass

    Johnnie, the botafumiero is a religious experience, it isn't a show, or production, or any other entertainment analogy. And for those pilgrims who are truly religious pilgrims, and have designed their pilgrimage to end on a day when the botafumiero is used during mass, it may not be a "tragedy"...
  4. Jennifer from Colorado

    Thoroughly depressing

    Kiwis, sorry to hear about the depression. Not sure when you walked, but I walked from last week of May until the first week of July, and only had two rainy mornings. There were about four rainy nights, but I didn't care about that because I was asleep. Plus, in June all the flowers are...
  5. Jennifer from Colorado

    Camino Apocalypse

    Gillean, sorry, but in my experience I have discovered that any time someone says "they are loathe to judge," it is typically followed by a harsh judgment. Three points. 1. The Camino de Santiago was created and is maintained by its very definition as a "pilgrimage." A pilgrimage is defined...
  6. Jennifer from Colorado

    Cairns/stacking stones.

    Rebekah, sorry, but could not disagree more. There are brand new, lovely concrete markers, installed in the past two years between Sarria and Santiago. Already the egotistical turistas have magic-markered them, stolen the brass mileage plates, and left empty bottles, cigarette wrappers...
  7. Jennifer from Colorado

    Feeling a little judged from other commenters so...

    If you only have a week why not do one of the middle sections? Do what the Europeans do...start in St Jean, walk your week or 10 days, keep your credencial, and do the next section next year. :D Just finishing the Camino today and I'll tell you, the absolute best parts were St Jean to Sarria...
  8. Jennifer from Colorado

    Camino Apocalypse

  9. Jennifer from Colorado

    Camino Apocalypse

    Thanks, everyone, for reconnecting me to a sense of humor. This had been a very discouraging day, and in the mayhem, I forgot how to laugh. Thanks for the reminder! :p PS...some of the party busses are badly maintained, leaving in their wake a trail of sulfur...:D
  10. Jennifer from Colorado

    Camino Apocalypse

    Castilian, I try to err on the side of compassion, but I am here, right now, watching this. These are party/fiesta caravans. Seeing is believing.:confused:
  11. Jennifer from Colorado

    Camino Apocalypse

    I know, I know...I'm not supposed to care about the "cheaters" on the Camino but I'm 18 kms away from santiago now, and there may be close to hundreds of "pilgrims" invading in taxis and vans and busses. We were warned yesterday that yeah, it's their Camino too, but when we get to Santiago we...
  12. Jennifer from Colorado

    Walking at night

    Considering the thousands of ankle twisting opportunities on the Camino, plus the fact you won't meet other pilgrims or have positive interactions with the locals, or see the magnificent scenery, or the fact that alburgues, hotels and pensiones will be closed to you, or if you had a problem...
  13. Jennifer from Colorado

    Hat or sun screen

    Hat OR sunscreen? BOTH. Advantage of hat (for women): 1. No sunburned face, no wrinkles 2. Your eyes will bless you 3. In the a.m. you don't have to fuss with hair, just apply hat and go 4. Hats are very elegant evening attire 5. Rain repellent 6. No sunburned ears Still apply sunscreen...
  14. Jennifer from Colorado

    Help with Camino Frances: Sarria - Santiago (Santiago - Fenisterre)

    Rafael, this doesn't answer your question but I have to put in my 2 cents. I started my Camino on 23 May and today I am in Palas de Rei, passing through Sarria 2 days ago. I have loved my Camino, until Sarria. I am now depressed and miserable, and for the first time, want my Camino to be over...
  15. Jennifer from Colorado

    Smuggling Hams back to the USA

    Superior to their American peers? Spoken by someone who's never consumed a Virginian ham. I'm in Spanish ham country as I write this, and sorry...I love Spanish café con leche, and Navarre vino tinto, and Galician celtic music, but sorry...the ham can't hold a candle to Virginia. Dagreen, go...
  16. Jennifer from Colorado

    LIVE from the Camino So glad I brought

    Christian, since I was beside one woman and behind the other. I know precisely what caused the two accidents. One woman stumbled on a steep stepped descent and having nothing to prevent her fall, fell into a culvert, breaking her arm. The other woman, just one hour before having mocked...
  17. Jennifer from Colorado

    Travel with a 2 year old

    I absolutely adore children...but not in an albergue. If you think snoring is bad at 2am, try a crying baby :confused: Wouldn't baby love a month with Grammy? I know your fellow pilgrims would be grateful for your thoughtfulness ;)
  18. Jennifer from Colorado

    LIVE from the Camino So glad I brought

    Sur...assumptions? I was with the French woman who fell, and directly behind the American. The French woman also likes her hands free, which is a good thing since she's now wearing a cast on her arm.:rolleyes:
  19. Jennifer from Colorado

    Smuggling Hams back to the USA

    Why not just buy some of the world's best hams...from Virginia? ??? :rolleyes:
  20. Jennifer from Colorado

    Toe Issues

    4-5 inch heels???:eek: LOL Did your feet say something to offend you, so you wanted to abuse them as punishment??? Take your heels and give them to some woman you really dislike... ;)

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