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  1. psychoticparrot

    Engagement/Wedding Bands

    This is not as artistic a solution, but would probably be quicker: Opt for simple wedding bands but have the image of a shell inscribed inside the ring, along with dates, sentiments, etc.
  2. psychoticparrot

    Doing the Camino using a pedelec

    That's the genius of my evil plan!
  3. psychoticparrot

    Doing the Camino using a pedelec

    No electric- or gas-powered transport for me. It's palanquin all the way! Still trying to find bearers -- may be a problem. :D
  4. psychoticparrot

    Replacement for my Crocs

    Dawg footwear.
  5. psychoticparrot

    Worrying Trend

    Deni, my advice is to push through, tighten your belt and think with hope of the tables in Dublin. (apologies to Tolkien)
  6. psychoticparrot


    This product does not prevent mosquito bites, but if you get one, this will stop the itch immediately and help prevent infection from scratching. I've used this on bites from the legendary Chesapeake Bay mosquitoes, and it works.
  7. psychoticparrot

    Bad taste?

    Parrots have been found by researchers to be as smart as chimps, dolphins, and 3-year-old human children. Google Dr. Irene Pepperberg and her research subject, an African Grey parrot, Alex. Astounding! We can learn a lot from parrots.
  8. psychoticparrot

    Bad taste?

    There are many reasons why obesity is a major health problem in the U.S. Fast-food franchises are one of those reasons. As an occasional thing, a BK or McD meal won't hurt you, but too many Americans rely on them to feed themselves, and even worse, their children. The food is cheap, addictive...
  9. psychoticparrot

    Real Pilgrims

    For the sake of my point, my 14th century pilgrims would have already gotten over the whole modern transportation wonders and moved on to the finer points of making a pilgrimage. ;)
  10. psychoticparrot

    Real Pilgrims

    "For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?"
  11. psychoticparrot

    Super Light Camino Gear

    Your road-walking site and extreme light-weight packing system are both interesting and informative. One question -- How available are private accommodations on the Camino Frances? Like you, the communal albergues/hostels do not appeal to me. I plan on staying in hotels as often as possible. A...
  12. psychoticparrot

    How much should your donation be ?

    While traveling in Nicaragua and observing the poverty there, I resolved to always be as generous as I was able to be, no matter where I go. Pay as much as you can afford--no more, no less. Never ignore a generous impulse.
  13. psychoticparrot

    Real Pilgrims

    A pilgrim from the 14th century would be howling with laughter at this thread. A true pilgrim, he/she would say, after walking to Santiago, is only halfway finished with the pilgrimage. He would then have to walk back home. No option of grabbing a bus, a train, a plane, to get back home like the...
  14. psychoticparrot

    Ticks and Lyme's Disease

    Did you know ticks can be romantic? o_O Lyrics from country song "Ticks" by Brad Paisley: 'Cause I'd like to see you out in the moonlight I'd like to kiss you way back in the sticks I'd like to walk you through a field of wildflowers And I'd like to check you for ticks."
  15. psychoticparrot

    Ticks and Lyme's Disease

    After you remove a tick, remember to kill it.
  16. psychoticparrot

    I could have murdered for ...

    I understood the intent of your post, but it did remind me about my nagging doubt about whether I should carry my own (heavy!) vitamins or purchase as I go. The easy availability of vitamins has enabled me to take quite a few grams off my pack load. Thank you!
  17. psychoticparrot

    I could have murdered for ...

    I'm also worried about vitamins along the Camino, literally worried. I had bariatric surgery last year and must supplement my diet with vitamins/minerals or run the risk of developing nutritional deficiencies. Vitamins weigh a lot. Are they readily available in Spanish pharmacies?
  18. psychoticparrot

    (rant) 100% mentally ready and not prepared in the least bit.

    Michael wrote: "I know, the secret is out. Oh how did our ancestors ever make the journey without their 80% merino wool/ 20% synthetic clothing?" A lot of them died along the way.
  19. psychoticparrot

    Etiquette question of the day...

    If the man is trying to be discreet, then I would ignore him. If he's peeing out in the open when he could have politely gone behind a tree, I would say, "D minus" as I passed by. :p
  20. psychoticparrot

    I Just Won the Mega Lottery!!!

    I was struck at once by the proximity of your announcement of sudden riches to the link enabling donations to Ivar's website and for all the services he provides Camino pilgrims. When you collect your winnings, maybe throw a few thousand euros Ivar's way. ;)

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