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    Zariquiegui:For those that have gone before me (at least in the last 2 months)

    Thank you for this update. Looks like its going yo be Uterga.
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    Zariquiegui:For those that have gone before me (at least in the last 2 months)

    Leaving in two weeks and making some reservations ahead of time. Having an issue with Zariquiegui. It appears Posada Ardogi is no longer open. Correct? Also Hostel San Andres says it will take reservations but only has phone numbers. . Since I'm in Seattle I've tried late at night (early...
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    Morning mass and the botafumeiro

    Oh, we do plan on going. It would just add to the experience of the Camino.
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    Morning mass and the botafumeiro

    Thanks for the reply. We will be there mid September and will have 2 chances only to see it. I'm hoping it won't be so crowded that we will be able to get into the mass.
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    Morning mass and the botafumeiro

    Wondering if anyone has EVER seen the botafumeiro swing at the 7:30 am mass and if the lines are long to get in at that time of morning? Thanks
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    What happened to the train?

    Thanks all. Checked Peregrina 2013's link and there are plenty of trains running. Hope to be on one soon
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    What happened to the train?

    Just doing a bit of Camino dreaming and was looking at Rome2Rio. Appears there is no longer a train from Bayonne to SJPDP? Or just too early in the season?
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    Corazon Puro Returning?

    Starting to replan another Camino for fall of 2022. Has anyone heard from Istvan and Barbara of Corazon Puro? That was such a wonderful experience and start to the Camino. Wondering if they are considering coming back? Lynda
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    To Those of you with New Hips

    Thank you all. Sounds like the PT and exercise is key. I guess I should ramp that up a bit. LYNDA
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    To Those of you with New Hips

    I'm six weeks into healing from receiving a new hip. Doing good but still exhausted after short (2 blocks) walks. My doctor says I'll be able to do the Camino next year providing there's a vaccine and Europe is willing to let anyone from the USA in. My question is to those of you with a new...
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    Discouraged in Florida

    Hello Florida from the other side of the States (WA) I wish we would have known about the Camino at 53! We watched "The Way" in 2012 at 65 years old and the next August we did the Camino Frances. We have a nice park with towering trees, occasional views of Puget Sound and lush vegetation. It's...
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    Your favorite little bar on the Camino?

    My favorite bars were the ones that had ice cold Nestea or if later in the day, ice cold beer on the long hot days of August🍺
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    Daydreaming about sangria and paella

    Ivar not Ivan
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    Daydreaming about sangria and paella

    Some of my fondest food and drink memories of the camino are the many paellas and sangrias I consumed. Upon returning from the Camino, my husband and I talked non stop about our adventure and how it was the best thing we had ever done. Several family members were "interested" but none would...
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    Franziska walked from O Cebreiro to Santiago, arriving July 15th.

    Love the interviews Ivar! Keeps our dreams alive that we all will be walking in Spain again soon.
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    COVID New start dates?

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    Help Albergue Santa Cruz in Sahagun

    Donated. Would be nice to go way over needed amount and fix the sisters plumbing too. Wouldn't be right to just fix the pilgrim area plumbing and leave the sisters with unhealthy water. Another round of donations anyone?
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    Why oh why, why, why.....

    What's wrong with PURPLE? I wear purple all the time. Oh, wait, I'm already old!
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    What time of year do people do their planning?

    I start planning my next Camino on the plane on the way home from the last one!
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    Am I Correct.......

    My husband and I are walking the Portuguese starting in about ten days. We will arrive in Santiago on Saturday the 12th of May. Am I correct in thinking there will still be lots of scaffolding and no chance of seeing the botafumeiro swing over the next 2 days? It was the most moving, spiritual...

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