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    Who's Walking the Coastal Route in 2015?

    I am going to be walking to celebrate my 40th. Cool. I turn in June, so fly in on June 14th. Blessings on your birthday!
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    I'm going

    Buen Camino! May many blessings find and be found by you!
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    Have you given a presentation about your Camino?

    Aloha Peregrinos, I've been asked to give a presentation about my camino experience. I'm wondering, for those who have presented: what are the most common questions (about what are folks most curious)? Thanks, Michael B+
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    source of "con pan y vino"

    I remember hearing this phrase often around the time I was on the pilgrimage, and even seeing it once on a billboard. Does anyone know when this phrase started to be associated with the Camino?
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    Shikoku & Santiago anyone?

    One of those cycle topics....
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    Shikoku & Santiago anyone?

    Hola peregrinos... I've seen a few posts that have referenced the Buddhist pilgrimage on the island of Shikoku. If any folks here have already made both pilgrimages to Santiago and Shikoku, would you kindly respond? I'd like to connect with those who have experience with both pilgrimage...
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    Earthquake in Japan

    Re: Earthquake in Japan (NOT sent by God). My heart goes out for the people of Japan. I hope those who are able will contribute generously to relief efforts. I think Glen Beck's implications are pretty slimy. Maybe God's message is "hey, be compassionate, be generous, give to these people as...
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    Recommended blogs?

    Hola Peregrinas/Peregrinos, I'd like to find some blogs to read of others caminos. Do you have one (or more) that you've read and would recommend? Thanks, Michael+
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    Spiritual renewal in Santiago de Compostela

    Hi Folks, My name is Michael, and I've rented some rooms in Santiago de Compostela for a few weeks this summer. I've got a grant to pay for them, and can provide them free to folks who are willing to toparticipate in a "retreat" - a three night gathering for pilgrims to talk about the...

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