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    Complaint Book

    Info and instructions for making an official complaint in the Hojas de Reclamaciones at an establishment:
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    Pamplona or Bayonne for an arrival rest day?

    I started in Pamplona and spent two nights there before setting out. The old city is wonderful, and I hope to go back and spend a bit more time. I would recommend visiting the Ultreia Pilgrims Visitor Center there for information, a credential (pilgrim passport) which you can buy for 2E. There...
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    Seeking full stage itinerary from SJPP to Finisterre

    You might also download the free apps Way of St James (Buen Camino) and Wise Pilgrim Camino Frances. Play around with them. You’ll find distances between towns along the way, types of lodging with names and phone numbers, elevation gains/losses between locations, and more to help you plot your...
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    Jeans on the camino

    lightweight leggings are really just wonderful on the Camino. So versatile, take up no room in the pack, so comfortable to walk in. Or sleep in.
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    Jeans on the camino

    And you can wear lightweight leggings under the second pair of stretchy pants if needed.
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    Jeans on the camino

    Sorry, I haven't read all the other replies, hope this isn't too redundant. I haven't worn shorts in over 25 years, so not an option for me. I walked last October and used two "pants" - one was a stretchy sort of workout/leisure pant (Skechers, about $20 US) the other was a cheap lightweight...
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    Comment by 'ChrisGall' in media 'Río Sar just outside of Santiago'

    In California we just had a deluge causing massive flooding, mudslides and road damage. Reseroirs filling or filled. But our drought is not over, despite the 200% of normal rainfall just recently. The groundwater has been depleted for years and will take years to get refilled. Much of the water...
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    Is Hostal Navarra in Pamplona Safe to Walk to at Night?

    I've walked from the middle of old Pamplona to the bus station and back in the evening in October. Alone, female, age 72. Not a whiff of danger. I'd walk at 9 pm or midnight or any time there.
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    Wide-fit, Gore-tex, trail running shoes for women?

    I recommend ALTRA shoes and hikers. They are known for very wide toe-box. I wore their Lone Peak 6 hikers (non waterproof) on my partial Camino this fall, loved them. There are other models, many GTX (Goretex) / All Weather. Available at many...
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    Coastal or Central

    I don’t understand “head I land u til just before.” Is this an abbreviation for something?
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    Coastal or Central

    L Please clarify this: "On day two, head I land u til just before you reach Villa d'Arco..." Thanks 😊
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    Blind companion on Camino Portugues?

    Terrific tips -- I'll ask her.
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    Blind companion on Camino Portugues?

    EGW, Thank you very much for posting this lovely piece. Hard to imagine a group of a dozen or twenty vision-impaired pilgrims and their dogs walking a Camino -- although the walking might have been the easy part. Finding accommodations, navigating difficult urban situations - kudos to these...
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    Blind companion on Camino Portugues?

    I meant central. I.e. not on the coast.
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    Blind companion on Camino Portugues?

    Many thanks for your well informed response! I know it would be 110% exhausting for me because I've done smaller excursions with her. She wants to know everything that's happening, to hear the entire menu in a restaurant, and be part of every decision. Like all of us. (She's completely blind...
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    Blind companion on Camino Portugues?

    I walked Pamplona to Burgos October 2022, alone. It was just lovely. (I only walk about 8-15 km per day because I have knee arthritis and another bothersome pain.) I have a close friend who is blind, and who might just love to go with me on another Camino walk, I'm thinking the Interior...
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    Women who wear shirts.... please share

    I wore an REI Sahara long sleeved "hiking shirt" every day on my 3-week Camino. I bought the nice muted soft medium green color, wore it over a tank top or tshirt, with either a pair of black tights or skinny, stretchy athliesure pants. Altra Lone Peak 6 hiking shoes (ankle boots). Could have...
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    Wine geeks on Camino

    My favorite photo from the Rioja region, taken this past October. Just a couple of guys riding their vineyard. (Photo not blurry if you open it)
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    I am "gifting" the Camino for Christmas. Need advice!

    You say you’re new to the family and still learning what everyone likes. I wouldn’t spring the “gift” of a group walking trip overseas on my new father in law — it could land like a lead balloon. What do you expect his reaction to be? It could be genuine delight, or it could be an uncomfortable...
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    "Tapas actually Spanish for 'not enough food' confirms Spain"

    The Wikipedia article on tapas is short but interesting. An excerpt: The word "tapas" is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, "to cover", a cognate of the English top.[1] In pre-19th-century Spain tapas were served by posadas, albergues or bodegas, offering meals and rooms for travellers...

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