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    Going separate ways on camino?

    Dear friend, you are over thinking the situation. Simply put, be honest with your so called friend and tell her that it has been and is your intention to walk the CF solo . . . and why. If you choose to be nice about this, you stand to crater your plans and your trip. DON'T allow that to...
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    Sleeping bag a MUST in October?

    A sleeping bag is not necessary in October. The weather that time of the year should be mild. That said, if you encounter cooler climes, alburgues have warm blankets if needed. You also have the option of staying in pension's which are generally very comfortable (think private bathroom and...
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    Salomon shoes

    Roger, I took my Solomon Midtops on the Camino Francis and they performed perfectly. They provided solid but flexible support in all conditions and topography including rainy/colder climes. I did not have the customary blister issues that many pilgrims were dogged with . . . may have been the...
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    Yep, it's a flip of the coin
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    Weather for end of October?

    Sam, I hiked the Camino two years ago, from SJPP to Santiago, started Sept 19th and reached Santiago Nov 4th. I encountered difficult weather conditions climbing the trail to O'Cebriero so be prepared for transitional weather that time of the year. No, you absolutely do not need to take two...
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    Sleeping bag or just a sleeping sheet

    Paul, the short answer is yes, a liner along with blankets provided by alburgue's and pensions, should be adequate. That said, I also wrestled with this question, ultimately choosing to take a ultra-lite down bag (an ounce of prevention). Two years ago, I started my trek from St. Jean on...
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    average daily distance

    Distance is secondary to everything; it's what you take away from the journey, that counts. Everyday how far you walk will be different, depending on the topography and to how you feel. Importantly, allow time for flexibility i.e. rest days, side adventures and the like. Many pilgrims...
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    Finishing the Camino Frances.

    Archie, first, congratulations and "keep on going" you're doing great! I completed the Camino (solo) at a young 73, a couple of years ago and had a wonderful time, also with a bum kneee, this and that. Regarding lodging, most alburge's have private rooms (with bathrooms) you can rent for the...
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    Sleeping bag in september/early October?

    Generally speaking, the weather during this period is moderate and should not pose a problem for you. Keep in mind, the alburges have blankets should you need one. Leave the extra weight behind and have a great journey.
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    Sleeping bag liner

    Here's a contrary thought to consider . . . Liners are great in warm to mild weather and while you could get caught in chillier climes, alburge's have blankets should you need one. So, it's really about when you're walking the Camino. Fall through Spring has its own unique weather challenges...
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    Which shoes should I wear in September \ October?

    Go with your experience. Everyone will have a different take on what to wear . . . go with what feels most comfortable for you. I hiked the Camino, as you described two years ago, same time. I wore Solomon mid-tops and was glad I did. I experienced moderate weather for the most part but had...
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    Any Drinking Water Concerns?

    The water along the Camino is potable including village fountains, bars and alburges. If it is not, it will be so marked. I wrestled with this also and had zero problems. Put the issue behind you. One word of advice. As you know, water is heavy. With any number of opportunities to refill...
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    Silk liner or sleeping bag, sun hat or umbrella?

    This is a personal call. Since you have a Camino under your belt, you know silk liners are ideal for warmer climes into October. If you are leaning towards a liner, I think you are safe knowing alburge's have blankets for chillier nights. Take a ball cap or sun hat and leave the umbrella home...
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    My packing list - Seeking for Advices

    I hope you have a wonderful trek. In the end, we all have to figure what gear works best for us, there's no perfection but we try . . .
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    How much planning?

    Andy - I love your spirit. I say, GO for it! This is going to be a transformative journey and the element of discovery will enrich your experience. I did solo-ed the Camino 2 years ago, not unlike what you are about to embark on and had no problems, yes, a few surprises, but that's enriches...
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    My packing list - Seeking for Advices

    Julian, Congratulations, you are about to embark on a transformative journey. My take on your list, based on your August departure. Drop the sleeping bag and take a silk liner. Alburges have blankets if you need it but temps should be comfortable. You do not need rain pants. Two T's are...
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    Trip insurance

    I concur with the previous pilgrim. I purchased trip insurance for my trip at a relatively nominal cost "just in case." The emphasis should be on the medical portion of your coverage in excluding emergency evacuation, if necessary. If nothing else, if offers peace of mind
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    Biarritz to SJPDP Aug 25

    I agree with the previous pilgrim's recommendation. Express Bourricot is easy, affordable and convenient. In a nutshell, that's your solution. You are about to embark on an extraordinary journey. Be well.
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    Any Drinking Water Concerns?

    The short answer is this - - - the water along the Camino is safe. I stewed over the issue too but opted to listen what fellow pilgrims said . . . the water from public fountains in the villages and town squares, bars and alburges is all safe. If the water is not potable, it will be marked...
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    Wake up alarms?

    Pilgrim, this is not worth the debate. Focus on the journey and less on mundane issues. I'm out.

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