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  1. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    What to read on the Camino?

    Terry Pratchett - but that is the default answer when people ask what to read ;)
  2. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Most effective way to use Compede?

    If you put them on ruptured blisters, the create a nice warm and moist environment for germs to grow. When you put it on the unbroken it creates a small cavern around the blister to create pressure relieve. You are not supposed to remove it until it comes of by itself, which it will when there...
  3. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Walking sticks

    Hi all, I would like to buy one hiking stick. The Black Diamond Distance Carbon Woman flz/z. But the old model with the small button you push in to extend the poles, not the flick lock (like the one on the picture). So I thought, if you had finished your camino, perhaps you wouldn’t mind...
  4. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Most effective way to use Compede?

    Hello :D Compeed is to be worn on unbroken blisters - never on ruptured ones! You put it on clean dry skin and wear it until it comes of on its own. If you read the small instruction inside the packet it explains so.
  5. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Having concerns with the distances to walk each day

    Indtead of thinking in kilometres or miles, try thinking in time. Are you comfortable walking for an hour? For two or three? It is not as terrifying to walk five hours as walking 20 kilometre... And try taking a small break every hour, sit down and take your shoes off. For me these two tricks...
  6. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Napoleon route

    Just quoting: “Adam lapp 7 minutes ago New #58 Hiked valcarlos 5 days ago. Was aptly told Napoleon was closed. Valcarlos has snow in sections you had to hike around or through...I can’t imagine Napoleon route.”
  7. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Bras for " curvy " girls

    This is my favorite: https://change.com/ca/sport-p5637897740 I also require a very supportive bra, and this one is perfect. It has an ordinary closing at the back. Really comfortable, fast drying, can even take the washing maschine and dryer at high temperatures, the straps csn be adjusted...
  8. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Significant places

    I really like the meseta
  9. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Men's Underwear & Anatomy

    Do you have a link to this? I think it sounds wonderfully! :)
  10. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Bed bug confusion

    I was bitten twice on my second camino francés, and my body reacted very badly. I got so ill I was close to going home. As an example my right hand swelled so much I could hardly bend my fingers, and it felt like a really really bad case of man’s flu! That is when I found out I was allergic...
  11. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    My dogs are up for it but i think the people dont want them there

    I walked for a long stretch on the camino with a man and his rescue dog. They were part of some organisation and trying to create focus on the harsh conditions many spanish dogs live under. They were accepted almost everywhere, but they also slept in a tent every night outside the albergues...
  12. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    No haste, no worry.

    No haste, no worry.
  13. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Power ADAPTER for charging cell phone?

    I live in northern Europe and just bring the one I use at home. They work fine in Spain. :) I didn’t know there was a difference between northern and southern Europe plugs.
  14. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Canadian pilgrim rescued near Ibañeta

    I’m glad he was helped to Roncesvalles unharmed <3
  15. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Hiking boots & sore legs

    I agree with all the above, but I still walk in my boots. In Denmark as well as on the camino. And in both places I always bring my Merrel sandals to walk the easy streches. Simply to change the pressure on the feet. We people are not similar and neither is our feet. I have a pair of Hanwags...
  16. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    New-Bee French Way

    We’ll pray for you! Buon camino! ❤️
  17. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    Backpack in airline holds

    A flight protector: Most outdoor / backpack companys make something lile this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B072F8LPGY/ref=mp_s_a_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1517338612&sr=1-13&pi=SL140_CR0,0,140,180
  18. Rikke Visby Wickberg

    reservations for Roncesvalles

    I just want to know, will it also be necessary to book in Roncesvalles in start august?

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