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  1. Donna Sch

    Training for Camino - my worries

    Whereever you can, walk on grass or dirt. Roads and asphalt put a lot of stress on your body so avoid them whenever you can.
  2. Donna Sch

    Stupid question

    Hey, if anyone is between Zamora and Astorga in March, I will be happy to have a beer or two with you :) I'll even shout you. Just be prepared for a Kiwi with a largely Aussie accent and her Aussie bloke with our Aarnpacks.
  3. Donna Sch

    Live - Via de la Plata Live Report from VdlP Starting from Seville on 6/20/18

    Congratulations on reaching Santiago! Love the photos you posted as I did my camino at the same time of year so it looked very familiar indeed. The VDLP/Sanabres is definitely something special.
  4. Donna Sch

    VdLP scenery?

    The VDLP is lovely. I wouldn't describe it as flat, more rolling and gradual. but the elevation gradually increases all the way along. I went in summer and even though it was arid and in the middle of a heatwave there is a definite golden beauty at that time of year. Salamanca is one of my...
  5. Donna Sch

    Sleeping bag on VdlP in springtime

    That's the one I have and I love it. The coldest morning I faced was about 12 deg C in June in Extremadura, and in Galicia it can get quite chilly even in July. I took a silk liner as well because I went in summer and it was good to have both. I'm going to take the same one when I do the Levante...
  6. Donna Sch


    I'm very good at stepping into that one puddle that submerges my feet. The one pair of waterproof socks are an option for bad weather in February. I'll probably have 5 pairs of socks in total especially since it is the tail end of winter. There was a lot of snow on the Levante this year and...
  7. Donna Sch


    I have Paramo Cascada II pants which are waterproof and Salewa waterproof Mountain Trainer Mid boots. I even have a pair of waterproof socks. I just worry about water getting into my boots from the top on days when I am wearing thermal leggings rather than pants.
  8. Donna Sch


    What kind of gaiters do you use? I'll be walking in February/March so it's a topic I'm interested in because I hate wet feet!
  9. Donna Sch

    Very bad pilgrims (Renaissance edition)

    Personally I've always liked the Wife of Bath...
  10. Donna Sch

    Strip Mine Proposed: O Pino!

    The map looks very close to the Camino Sanabres too :( Two major camino routes within 50 km of SdC.
  11. Donna Sch

    Live - Via de la Plata Live Report from VdlP Starting from Seville on 6/20/18

    Nothing like un camino de verano. Love the photos.
  12. Donna Sch

    Via de la Plata - Advice / Recommendations

    Are you taking the Sanabres or going to Astorga? The Sanabres is a 2 week walk in its own right. What kind of distances do you tend to walk? You definitely need to carry your water. The fuentes only become common in the North.
  13. Donna Sch

    Massage in Merida

    Baños de Montemayor is another spot where you can get a pilgrim deal on a massage at the termas.
  14. Donna Sch

    New marking in Valencia City

    Excellent. Looming forward to checking these out next year.
  15. Donna Sch

    Favorite Camino animal picture

    Wilson, the friendly little burro I met in Valdesalor on the VDLP in June 2015.
  16. Donna Sch

    Serious Doubts 3 Weeks Before Camino

    You do realise that by leaving Spain on the 24th that you miss the St James' Day fireworks in Santiago? Apart from that oversight, my advice is between now and leaving to get lots of walking exercise. If you can walk it in under 30 minutes, do so if you have the time. Or cycle. Avoid your car...
  17. Donna Sch

    Shoe and Foot Strategies When Walking While It Is Raining and Wet

    I will be walking the Levante/VDLP/Invierno next Feb/Mar so potentially I could cop snow, mud and have to walk through water. If it rains I can just see water wicking down into my boot via my socks. And I like to hike in shorts +/- leggings even in winter. I do have a pair of waterproof Paramo...
  18. Donna Sch

    A New Zealand peregrina dies in Leon

    That is sad and a huge shock for the family and her camino family but being on the Camino and dying in your sleep sounds like a good death. Living life to the fullest in a wonderful environment with someone you love at your side.
  19. Donna Sch

    3rd time on Camino. . .struggling to decide. . .

    The VDLP is a fantastic route for appreciating the Moors, the Romans especially Trajan and seeing the Roman cities of Italica and Merida. Salamanca is my favourite city in Spain with modern heroes such as Unamuno. Recommend reading Tony Kevin's book "Walking the Camino". You get a great feel for...
  20. Donna Sch

    Memorable food on the Levante?

    I was on another Camino forum where someone was on the Sanabrés and let her know that Rionegro was where I had my best camino meal. Turned out Teo does a really good vegetarian meal as well if required.

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