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  1. Mycroft

    LIVE from the Camino On the Ruta Teresiana

    When I clicked on your attachment, I got this The requested page could not be found. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Mycroft

    Casa Ivar now at new location

    See you in November. Congrats on the new place. Doc
  3. Mycroft

    Weather and Difficulty Questions

    After my time on the Portugués, my blood still turns to ice when I even think of cobblestones!!!
  4. Mycroft

    Lesson learned: must unlock phone to use a European SIM Card (My Fail)

    Hooray! I won't worry about it then--I can simply dial 112 if needed. Many thanks!!
  5. Mycroft

    Health insurance for U.S. pilgrims

    I have seen such an offer when I have purchased my tickets over the years. Which airlines have you used for this type of purchase? Which insurance companies?
  6. Mycroft

    Lesson learned: must unlock phone to use a European SIM Card (My Fail)

    Glad it makes you happy. We in the US are stuck. If you know a work-around, we'd be happy to hear it. I even bought an iPhone SE to replace my beloved iPod (that 'disappeared' from church last March) and even though I bought it outright (not on payments or contract) there's still some nonsense...
  7. Mycroft

    Ryanair Carry-On Dilemma: Need Your Advice!

    And use your jacket pockets for socks, underwear, etc.
  8. Mycroft

    Ryanair Carry-On Dilemma: Need Your Advice!

    Agreed! There was a reason someone created the website soon after the airline started.
  9. Mycroft

    Norte advice

    Keep the info coming, please!
  10. Mycroft

    Any foodies in the house?

    I'm a bit of a foodie--a vegetarian foodie. Most folks who mention the culinary delights they've discovered during their caminos don't think of looking for non-meat/non-fish on the menu, so don't pass on such info. When you have the thought, some of us would appreciate hearing about vegetarian...
  11. Mycroft

    My Camino shopping

    Are they plastic or silicone?
  12. Mycroft

    Bilbao accommodation?

    Thanks for the info. Which hostel were you in?
  13. Mycroft

    Bilbao accommodation?

    I will arrive by plane unfortunately at the start of the long weekend in mid-October, so was happy I set up accommodation through Just got a message from the hostel that 'something' happened and they will be closed--for all I know they had actual trouble or got a lucrative offer...
  14. Mycroft

    Knocking on doors to find a place to stay

    Never say never, but most likely I would not ask a private household if I might sleep there unless there was something quite wrong with the surroundings or circumstance. Having said that, I recall many years ago staying at a former boys school while on one of my caminos. While it had individual...
  15. Mycroft

    What to do with three weeks after Santiago?

    And has good gelato!
  16. Mycroft

    Best options for paying and getting cash in Spain as a US citizen

    I'd be interested to know if this works. In UK they will not break notes into lesser denominations if you don't have an account at that bank, even if you just used their ATM to get the money!
  17. Mycroft

    Menu at Cafe Suso (2023)

    I always wish for more vegetarian/vegan fare.
  18. Mycroft

    No tech!!!

    I admit to being somewhat of a Luddite. I don't have a phone and for years used an iPod while pilgrimaging to take photos, and check email occasionally--until someone at church walked off with my little darlin' at church last March. Apple stopped making iPods in May of last year, so thinking of...
  19. Mycroft

    New Pilgrim massage on the Camino del Norte!

    Very kind. Wish I were going to be there when you are!

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