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  1. JustJack

    Descent into Portomarin

    Yes, I was surprised by the challenges of some of the descents, with all the loose and sharp stones. I'd sometimes be soaked in sweat by the bottom, from the intense concentration needed to avoid twisting an ankle. I was well prepared for the climbs, as they are frequently discussed and blogged...
  2. JustJack

    Terrain of Via de la Plata?

    Hi Robo - would you say the landscape of the VDLP is very similar to the meseta on the CF? Or would it be fair to say the VDLP is less "dramatic" than the meseta? Or are the vistas just as spectacular? It's all subjective I realize, but I never hear/read people comment on the VDLP in the same...
  3. JustJack


    I carried a relatively expensive sun umbrella on the CF this past spring. I was planning on just buying a cheap one along the way, but was given the expensive one as a gift. I used it 3 or 4 times for rain, and 2 or 3 times for sun. Whether cheap of expensive I'd recommend an umbrella.
  4. JustJack

    Flying into Seville, flying home from ??

    Thanks for the quick replies. I'm starting to lean the same way - either Madrid or Porto. Those will likely be my best/cheapest options. Happily, flights to Spain/Portugal (from Vancouver) are pretty much the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world right now. I've been scouring for flights...
  5. JustJack

    Asking for Encouragement to Continue the Camino

    One thing I learned on my camino, is not to expect to understand the reasons or the impact while you are walking. That understanding tends to trickle in during the weeks/months/years that follow. What you're feeling at the moment is very temporary and transitory. What you'll feel/remember 6...
  6. JustJack

    Flying into Seville, flying home from ??

    For those that have walked the VdlP, where did you fly home from? I will likely fly into Seville. But flying home? I plan to end my camino at Finisterre or Muxia (or if not possible then at SdC). I could take a bus from SdC to Porto (around 3 hours). Porto has cheap flights to Vancouver. I...
  7. JustJack

    South/central Spain in April versus September (aside from weather)

    I just noticed that Easter 2024 falls on March 31. Would the festivities around this time cause you to ensure you aren’t walking over this period due to the difficulties getting accommodation? This might be a reason to delay it until fall.
  8. JustJack

    Easter Sunday 2024 - March 31. What does this mean?

    I understand Easter is a very busy period in Spain, but can someone please break that down a bit? What I don't fully understand is the flow of this Easter traffic. I'm assuming the day after Easter would also be a very busy day. How many days until things are back to normal? I'm considering...
  9. JustJack

    South/central Spain in April versus September (aside from weather)

    I'm trying to decide between walking the VdlP in spring or fall. More specifically, I would leave Seville at the beginning of April, or beginning of September, and walk to Santiago via the Sanabres. Aside from the weather, are there any differences between walking those two months that I might...
  10. JustJack

    Portable bidet - would you use it?

    Lots of great responses, thanks everyone. And I've learned a few things. - big difference of opinion regarding using a bidet depending on whether or not you've experienced using one in the past. Anyone who has spent time in Asia and used the "bum gun", or - better - spent time in Japan and used...
  11. JustJack

    Portable bidet - would you use it?

    This is a question for those that have had to make a roadside stop on your Camino to do a #2. There’s a lot of concern about the mess of toilet tissue littering the trail. I’ve read lots of posts from people advising the proper way to pack your used tissues out and dispose of them properly...
  12. JustJack

    To Poncho or Not Poncho...

    Agreed. I find it puzzling how few pilgrims use an umbrella.
  13. JustJack

    April vs May on the Camino Frances

    What was a very pleasant surprise to me when I walked the CF last May was the incredible smells from the flowers. Honeysuckle and bushes with fantastic smelling yellow flowers lining the path. If you love the smell of flowers then May is a great month to walk.
  14. JustJack

    The “new normal” isn’t necessarily bad

    Good points.
  15. JustJack

    The “new normal” isn’t necessarily bad

    Agreed! I love the planning/dreaming process.
  16. JustJack

    The “new normal” isn’t necessarily bad

    More of a discussion than a debate. Discussion is good.
  17. JustJack

    The “new normal” isn’t necessarily bad

    Your end point for the day is just a single element of all the parts of your day. Spontaneity is something that can happen throughout the day - spontaneous stops for coffee, detours off the path to see something, an extra long lunch, sleeping a bit later in the morning, stopping for a nap under...
  18. JustJack

    The “new normal” isn’t necessarily bad

    I've read/heard from many pilgrims who walked 20, 30, or more years ago, and while reservations were not a thing then, and you could theoretically walk until you found a place you liked, the reality was that there were far far fewer places to stay, and as a result there was often a bed race for...
  19. JustJack

    Family Guy, or not

    Indeed, it's this exaggerated idea of the importance for first-timers that I'm hoping to address. I remember stressing about this, wondering if/how/when I would find my family... So silly in retrospect.
  20. JustJack

    Family Guy, or not

    One aspect of the camino that I found interesting during the 3 years I spent planning and researching, was this notion of "camino families". The idea seemed nice, and also seemed to be quite important to many pilgrims. But I did worry a little bit leading up to my departure. Will I meet others...

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