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  1. Ivan_Prada

    Succinct advice

    Small steps, also takes to great goals.
  2. Ivan_Prada

    Toilet paper on the camino

    Maybe this is very applicable for those who do such things.
  3. Ivan_Prada

    Walking the Camino with parkinson's

    Hello @aliciag56; I am also a Parkinson’s pilgrim, really admire you have already walked Camino. Myself, only once and planing my second since completed the first. What really got me was the exhaustion at the end of the stage. To be true, I didn’t practiced that hard; where I live there are...
  4. Ivan_Prada

    Alternate routes

    There is an old Spanish say: “no dejes caminos por veredas.” Which translates to: “do not leave paths for sidewalks.” It is better to stick to already proven path that will carry you to your destiny.
  5. Ivan_Prada

    Trekking Umbrella - Availability

    Hi Genevievala, and welcome to the forum. You may it at the forum’s store. Give it a try. Buen Camino
  6. Ivan_Prada

    Gaiters and safety

    Maybe you can find in a sports shop a spray that would re-apply the water proof capabilities of a tent. You can make these gaiters from an old sweat shirt sleeve. Do the experiment, you (@cascayal) are about to get on raining season and good time for testing. Hope this helps. Iván
  7. Ivan_Prada

    Alertcops "validation code"

    Hi Natique2, welcome to the forum. AlertCops is an App for your phone to connect to emergency services in Spain. The 112 is the equivalent as 911 in the United States. Hope this helps.
  8. Ivan_Prada

    ‘AlertCops’ US based users

    Hi Trecile: Check the way you enter your phone number. I had that problem, but don’t recall the way I entered; I think the format for US numbers is: 1(xxx)-xxx-xxxx. When I registered I did the trial and error.🤪 Hope it helps.
  9. Ivan_Prada

    US/EU Outlet Adapter with USB Ports - Any Experience Using?

    Hi JohnRRogers: When you get to Spain, go to a China store, electrodomestic, or a hardware store and ask for “a ladrón”. Literally translated: a thief. 😁🤪. This devise will occupy an electric outlet while giving you additional outlets for you to plug or allow others use the same electrical...
  10. Ivan_Prada

    US/EU Outlet Adapter with USB Ports - Any Experience Using?

    Hi Maurice: Since you need to charge several items, I know the feeling, maybe this is better you. At least has four ports for device charging. If you are visiting just Spain, use the two prongs adapter, it lock into the charger and don’t have to worry to tape it to the charger as @trecile...
  11. Ivan_Prada

    Early morning coffee

    Hope this helps; definition from Wikipedia : A coffee percolator is a type of pot used for the brewing of coffee by continually cycling the boiling or nearly boiling brew through the grounds using gravity until the required strength is reached. › wiki Coffee...
  12. Ivan_Prada

    How to address other Spanish speakers, Formal or Informal?

    That is correct. For that reason, I say to those trying to learn Spanish or Castellano (as the language is know in must of Latin/Hispanic America), not to worry if the version you are taught is that from the Americas or Spain. You will be understood everywhere. There may be certain words that...
  13. Ivan_Prada

    How to address other Spanish speakers, Formal or Informal?

    Well, that is really debatable. When I went to school, I was taught the use of vos and vosotros. It was not used in normal conversations; we had to know it as we had the Spanish literature in our curriculum. In Central America, there is Nicaragua, in which vos is normally used during...
  14. Ivan_Prada

    Early morning coffee

    Well, I’m not coffee addicted but I do understand you. What I cannot miss is a great, freshly squeezed orange juice after breakfast that includes, of course, “una taza de café con leche”. So, for all you coffee addicted, I include this image.
  15. Ivan_Prada

    Ordering coffee in Spain with skim milk?

    Hi Marbe2: You can also first ask if the place does has skimmed milk (leche desnatada) available.
  16. Ivan_Prada

    My solo walk from Valenca

    Hello Paddy: Hope you get better. Iván
  17. Ivan_Prada

    Finding and communicating location during emergency (or just generally)

    Just a coment. I notice when the Compass App is opened, it shows the coordinates. Is this enough information to provide the emergency people our location?
  18. Ivan_Prada

    Cafe con Leche / Coffee on the Camino: Enquiring Coffee Lovers want to know!!

    Well, in Southeast Florida espresso coffee is very popular and is called: Café Cubano. It is a type of espresso that has its origins in Cuba. Is is sweetened using the first brew of the espresso machine to create a sweet foam that later is added to the rest of espresso brew. This can be drink...
  19. Ivan_Prada

    Parkinson's, beauty, and where to walk on the Puy en Veley

    Hello Cara: The recommendations given here by Hike 18T are a must for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I too was diagnosed with the disease back in 2015, walked the last 100 kms of Camino Francés in 2018. The major advice I can give is keep active both physically and mentally; these are your...

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