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  1. Rozenn

    Strangest food & drink on the Camino

    The salad oliv’eye is named after Napoleon s cook Mr Olivier who somehow introduced this dish in Russia during the Napoleonic campaigns I was told that by Russian friends and sure it is very popular and delicious in every Russian home
  2. Rozenn

    Strangest food & drink on the Camino

    It s normal in a restaurant which cooks rabbit to put the head then it is the proof that it is not a cat!
  3. Rozenn

    Accommodation in O Cebreiro

    I walked the camino Frances 2 times and stayed overnight 2 times innLa Faba in albergur La Escuela , they have a bar restaurant too lovely people , simple place but clean and warm ( each time the weather was old but the owner made sure our room was well heated! Nice to have a cafe con lèche...
  4. Rozenn

    20 hours in Paris

    I absolutely agree with you !! I was thinking too about ‘ La Sainte Chapelle ‘ a gem Of the middle age you will be amazed!.. also very soothing and calm .. in v be etween 2 flights !
  5. Rozenn

    What to Order at a Bar or Cafe after Using the Restroom

    Agua con gas!!Always healthy !!1 or 2 € max
  6. Rozenn

    What to expect on the Meseta in May?

    I walked the Mesetarhisyear 11 to 22 of may from Burgos to Leon Perfect Weather , slightly chilla mornings and 22/25 dégrées during thé day ! Wild Flowers and wheat Green fields agitated by thé Wind!! A delight Especially a round Castrojeriz, Boadilla del Camino, Alto de Mostaeles!… oh and...
  7. Rozenn

    For those not on the Camino, where are you feeling called to right now?

    I did that to a friend last year from SJpP too ! It is a good compromise ! Many tell Me they want to walk with me but sometimes it is a bit difficult to explain that you want to be alone ..
  8. Rozenn

    For those not on the Camino, where are you feeling called to right now?

    Feeling called to write a presentation and sorting my hundreds of pics and videos for the library of my village next month… therefore dreaming about the Camino and my next one in spring … 2 of my children who live abroad walked 10 days with me last spring ( I. As 6 weeks on the Camuno last...
  9. Rozenn

    What is the best city to fly into to begin CF?

    Good luck ! May be someone e will Pop in Last minute!!
  10. Rozenn

    What is the best city to fly into to begin CF?

    I few from Paris to Biarritz and took Express Bourricot van to SJPp They collect you from the airport .. the price of the fare( 90€) is divided between the passengers( Max capacity 9) Go on their web site for info and bookings
  11. Rozenn

    Getting to Spain a Problem!! Brittany Ferry Boo!

    Yes , i know !! I live in Brittany 35 mns from the Roscof ferry terminal .., impossible to cross Roscoff to Bilbao if you dont have a vehicle! To go to Spain by the Ferry i need to do Roscof -Plymouth-Santander ., Ridiculous isnt it?? Train to Biarritz you need to Change in Quimper Nantes...
  12. Rozenn

    Rooftop tours

    I did it in May ! Worth it absolutely You have to ask a ticket for La torre de Carraca
  13. Rozenn

    San Fermin 2022

    Spanish joy and energy ! Back from the Camino already since one month but still feeling the good vibes and listening to radio nacional de España which has amazing programs if you speak spanish Watched and listened to the ‘ chupinazo from the Pamplona ayuntamiento yesterday morning !!
  14. Rozenn

    LIVE from the Camino @Rozenn on the Camino Frances

    Heat wave in France me ans paradise in North Finistere!
  15. Rozenn

    LIVE from the Camino @Rozenn on the Camino Frances

    Merci!!! Ah ah short night thanks to a group of Portuguese bikers on their late thirties de ‘juerga’ all night amd coming back between 4 and 6 am, shouting , slamming doors , switching lights on..ah and they had transformed the bathroom in à swimming pool too in the afternoon !!Not all of...
  16. Rozenn

    LIVE from the Camino @Rozenn on the Camino Frances

    Leaving Santiago tomorrow to go back to my Finistere in Brittany Yesterday i Clim ex to the roof of the cathedral fie the Torre Carraca visit .. i didnt expect such an impressive and interesting scenery . The guide was excellent ‘el pórtico de la gloria after … such a day! Yesterday Sean from...
  17. Rozenn

    LIVE from the Camino Sara Dhooma: 2nd Camino Frances… now with more beer

    Buen Camino Sarah! You are 2 days from the start i am 1 from the arrivai!! Enjoy
  18. Rozenn

    LIVE from the Camino @Rozenn on the Camino Frances

    Arriving to Santiago Wednesdaythe 8th of June ! From Sarria not such in good mood to post ..maybe the cloudy and grey weather too!! Hope to Meet some of my fellow pilgrims before leaving g back to France on Sunday
  19. Rozenn

    Looking for accommodation recommendations in Leon

    Hostel Leon ,Calle Ancha 3,excellent location ,

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