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  1. Desert Bruce

    Requesting your help on my research project - a digital community of walkers

    1. Before 2. My every question had been discussed and answered from many different experiences. 3. 8+ years 4. 5-7 days per week 5. To share my experiences and learn about my next camino.
  2. Desert Bruce

    Fiction to read while on the Camino?

    So many great recommendations. I just added “Candyfloss Guitar” as an audio book. I usually have several books to listen to while walking, but rarely finish them on a Camino, there are just too many other pilgrims to get to know.
  3. Desert Bruce

    Ashes on the Frances

    I left a little of my brother's ashes at the Cruz de Ferro.
  4. Desert Bruce

    Are you always allowed to handwash your clothes?

    When I travel, on Camino or otherwise, I take my socks and underwear into the shower with me. Soap and rinse them and hang them up where ever I can.
  5. Desert Bruce

    Flying Ryanair from SCQ to Madrid

    I have taken the train from Santiago to Madrid, then stayed is a small hotel 2 metro stops from the airport. I didn't have to rush or worry about getting to the airport on time the next morning.
  6. Desert Bruce

    Lost & Found Did you stay at Orisson May 30-31, 2023?

    I always have 5 or 6 large diaper safety pins to hang my clothes. They are useful for many things while on a Camino.
  7. Desert Bruce

    Pilgrim rest place in Santiago?

    Hola Richmond, I remember you, I hope you are well and planning another Camino.
  8. Desert Bruce

    Pilgrim rest place in Santiago?

    Absolutely the Pilgrim House is a very good place to rest, reflect and talk about your Camino.
  9. Desert Bruce

    Men's grooming

    I stopped shaving on my first Camino in 2016 and haven't taken up the habit since. I get a short haircut and beard trim before a Camino, got one 2 days ago. I'm waiting for my lift to the airport for my flight to Madrid.
  10. Desert Bruce

    Enhance Your Camino Experience with Online Spanish Classes

    What is the latest news about this class? It has been more than 2 months since the last post.
  11. Desert Bruce

    Fiction to read while on the Camino?

    I listened to Cider with Rosie’ several years ago. I am delighted to learn that there are sequels and doubly delighted that next one takes place in Spain. I hurried right over to Amazon and bought the Kindle version to read while I am walking the Sanabrés in April. Thanks to everyone! Your...
  12. Desert Bruce

    In-Theater showings of The Way — US, May 2023

    Ah, too bad. I'd love to see it in a theater, but I'll be in Europe visiting a Camino friend in Austria.
  13. Desert Bruce

    Wise Pilgrim Camino Frances App

    The app has no weight and is not a huge investment. I've used Wise Pilgrim on the Francés and the Portuguese Caminos. I especially like the offline map that shows where you are relative to the Camino for those times I'm not paying attention and wander off the Way.
  14. Desert Bruce

    Porto -place to buy poles?

    I bought good poles at a Porto Decathlon last June before I started my walk. They were just as light and less expensive than what I usually walk with at home. ¡Buen Camino!
  15. Desert Bruce

    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Camino: beginning in Valença

    I did the same route last July, I am sure you will enjoy it immensely. I recommend staying at the Mosteiro de Santa María da Armenteira. Don't forget to have your credencial stamped in Valença before crossing the bridge.
  16. Desert Bruce

    Ride Share - Pamplona to St Jean on 6/20/2023

    You may be able to find a ride share at closer to the date you are looking for. The drivers usually don't post more than a week in advance.
  17. Desert Bruce

    Towel - which size?

    Whichever size towel you choose, use it several times before your Camino to be sure it will do. ¡Buen Camino!
  18. Desert Bruce

    Cafe con Leche / Coffee on the Camino: Enquiring Coffee Lovers want to know!!

    At home I drink my coffee black, but in Spain its always café con leche!
  19. Desert Bruce

    Sellos - Full list

    My favorite.
  20. Desert Bruce

    Enhance Your Camino Experience with Online Spanish Classes

    I am always interested to learn more Camino Spanish, sign me up.

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