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    Is it me? (Pilgrim signs are everywhere)

    I love this! beautiful...
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    On this date in September...

    My husband and I also walked Sept 9 2019 from Pamplona, to Muruzabal. we must have passed each other sometime along the way!
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    Easy and comfortable options from Sarria

    somehow I deleted the name of the first place - it is Mercadoiro. Loved it there. beautiful room, laundry facilities and so happy for a dryer after a day of pouring rain, and traditional meal.
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    Easy and comfortable options from Sarria

    My husband and I stayed in private rooms as he was worried about his snoring. Very highly recommend > was a lovely albergue with extremely nice well-appointed private rooms (along with the dorms) with a delicious communal meal. It was about 17 km past Sarria and literally on the Camino in...
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    My husband and I really liked the Altus poncho as well, plus it comes in different sizes (according to height).
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    It’s finally happening! September-October Camino Frances

    My husband and I are also arriving in SJPDP on September 2nd, starting our walk on the 4th (staying at Orrison on the 4th, Roncesvalles on the 5th). And being a northern Canadian, I am really hoping the heat waves will be gone! We will not be racing for beds either but hope to simply enjoy...
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    Buying a paper map

    I really like the small Michelin guide as well. Lightweight with best map detail i have seen.

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