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    Poles in Ourense

    Thanks much.
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    Poles in Ourense

    Anyone know where to buy trekking poles in Ourense?
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    Sprint cell plan

    I have found the included T-Mobile international service to be great everywhere we have gone in Europe and Asia. I was astonished to be able to use Google maps for driving around in the remote Carpathian mountains of Romania.
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    Water availability Sarria to Santiago

    On that heavily trafficked part of the most travelled Camino you will rarely be more than an hour from a bar, restaurant or village with a public water source. A small bottle carried between these should suffice.
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    Walking the way with a 6year old

    Carrying a stroller or something like that would be a burden as great as schlepping the child himself. Knowing 6-yr-olds (I used to have three of them) they will walk when they want to and sometimes not. If and when the inevitable balking sets in make sure you have a card with the number of the...
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    “March or Die”

    Makes me want to tell a war story (LOL). At basic training (1967, Ft. Dix, NJ) my company had to march out to the rifle range every day for two weeks or so, about an hour's fast march. It was done with full pack, gear and weapon -- the old M-14 was pretty heavy -- and at a militarily brisk pace...
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    RENFE idiosyncrasies & Interesting knife store in Madrid

    They may have been distracted by my full Templar uniform. Chain mail is cold on chilly mornings.
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    RENFE idiosyncrasies & Interesting knife store in Madrid

    Interesting. I bought a replica Templar dagger in Toledo and had it in my carry-on bag on the train back to Madrid. No problem, even though it was pretty lethal looking.
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    Madrid Hotel Recommendations

    Agree. And there is that great tapas emporium just by the Plaza Mayor. Hot tip: if you are an early riser you will not fin many restaurants or coffee shops open. However, McDonalds will be open. I'll never turn up my snooty nose at the arches again. When you need that first cup of joe it's a...
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    Deodorant Preferences

    Ah, don't bother. Just take a nice bath at Lavacolla like the pilgrims of yore used to do, and then in Santiago try to get as close to the botafumeiro smoke as you can. Stick to tradition, pilgrim.
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    bed bug spray made with lavender.

    I've never had a bedbug problems in my travels (including nights in some pretty sketchy places) but if I found my clothes or backpack infested I think I would use the lethal heat method. Adult bedbugs die at approximately 115F so putting your things into a black plastic garbage bag and leaving...
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    bed bug spray made with lavender.

    Helps to break the smoking habit, too.
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    Using a Cell Phone in Portugal: Tips for Traveling Canadians

    We have T-Mobile mostly because of its international service. We don't do have to do anything, but as soon as we arrive in a foreign country we get a text message that says' "Welcome to (Spain, Greece, Thailand, etc)" and informs us that we have unlimited data and text there, while voice calls...
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    Issues with New Merrells for First Long Hike

    I have had better luck with Merrell than other brands, but you have to remember that there is no Merrell factory -- just like other manufacturers they get their shoes from contractors all over the map (usually in Asia). Even made to spec there are bound to be some variations. Back in the day I...
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    A 600-Mile Recreational Trail Is Coming to the West’s Sierra Nevada

    The existing Tahoe Rim Trail, while it doesn't exactly go through towns, crosses a few roads where a hiker can get resupplied, and also passes close enough to civilization that you can get off for a shower, pizza and other amenities with a short detour. I'll have to take a closer look at the...
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    Walking the Camino de Santiago and Planning for the Laugavegur Trail: What to Expect Physically

    Maybe you should consider that bicycle trail that runs the length of the Danube River. Downhill all the way, of course.
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    Has any pilgrim decided to move to Spain?

    There must be some kind of relationship with US-based banks, or at least the Bank of America. We can use our BofA debit card while traveling at ATMs belonging to BNP Paribas, Deutschebank, Barclay's (and possibly Santander) without any inter-bank fees. Maybe it doesn't work in reverse, though.
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    Has any pilgrim decided to move to Spain?

    As a retired person with more than adequate income and reasonable fluency in Spanish I'd like to give it a go if/when I can convince my spouse. But I would certainly start out with a lengthy trial period before burning all my bridges back in the home country. Some years ago I came across this...
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    The Botafumeiro technical details

    That video more or less confirms the reasonable assumption that only enough charcoal to cover the bottom of the vessel one layer thick is sufficient to get the incense smoking for the very short duration of the ceremony. If it's anything more than a half kilo or even less it would be very...
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Latest requirements to travel to USA

    Quite right, Trecile. My bad.

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