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  1. AK2112

    Bathroom stops from Santiago to Porto via bus

    They stopped 2 times in 2018.
  2. AK2112

    Getting into Oviedo late, best place to stay?

    I came in late i April, got a single room here for 36 Euro. 10 min walk from bus staion, and 10 min walk to the cathedral.
  3. AK2112

    Wet shoes, cold feet, blisters

    Wool is the answer to so many questions regarding feet in this forum. It puzzles me that not more people pick up on this and start wearing woollen socks.
  4. AK2112

    Rethinking start date?

    Sorry, my bad! But; I notice the big drop from Sept to Oct. If you start late in Sept, like threadstarter is indicating, it looks like it will get less busy the closer you get to Santiago.
  5. AK2112

    Rethinking start date?

    This does not include the Covid-years. As you can see, late Sept an Oct is not so busy. I borrowed the graph form another post on this forum 😇Buen Camino!
  6. AK2112

    Help me slow down my Camino Primitivo

    I agree. I had a rest day in Lugo when I walked CP in April, lovely city.
  7. AK2112

    Camino Primitivo

    No boots needed. I did Primitivo in April, used trail runners. Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX. Not sure is you need GTX in June. Agree regarding not really needing to break in shoes. More important to find shoes that fit your feet. And wear thin, woollen socks. Every day. Always.
  8. AK2112

    How to tell my parents?

    I really sounds like to need do this Camino is the right thing to do. Not only for yourself, but for older generations in your family. Your mom is apparently not capable to take in all the info you give her (she is probably a lovely person still), so I guess you just have to tell her that you...
  9. AK2112

    Spare pair of shoes?

    Are these shoes Gore-Tex? You need GTX this time of year, just as much as you should avoid GTX in the dry months. Did you wear woollen socks?
  10. AK2112

    Footwear options for Camino del Norte

    That time of the year; Trail runners without Gore-Tex.
  11. AK2112

    Recommended Stages after Lugo - where to put the short day?

    Agere about Boente. Albergue el Alemagne is very nice. And as I don´t like pulpo, Melide has nothing to offer me ;-)
  12. AK2112

    what to do if i only have 16 days to walk?

    I would rather do the complete Camino Primitivo from Oviedo to SdC. Less pilegrims, more beautiful, but harder.
  13. AK2112

    Spare pair of shoes?

    Only extra pair you need is Crocs.
  14. AK2112

    Is this equipment ok?

    I´ll take my chances...
  15. AK2112

    Is this equipment ok?

    Buy wool socks. Buy wool t-shirts. You will never regret it. That is all.
  16. AK2112

    Is the Camino Primitivo more physically challenging than other routes?

    Thanks. It is difficult for me to say how much training is needed. On average I walk in the woods 3 days every week, some often around 10 km. The last 4 weeks before the primitivo I walked 4-5 times a week. But I did not practice anything with a backpack like the one on the Camino (9 kg). And I...
  17. AK2112

    Hospitales Route

    I stayed in that albergue in April. It was the night before I did the Hospitales route. Great Albergue, run by a lovely young spanish couple. The signs going ut på the Hospitales are very good, you can not miss it. The walk up to the Hospitales route is quite steep, takes about 40 mins. I...
  18. AK2112

    Is the Camino Primitivo more physically challenging than other routes?

    I finished the Primitivo from Oviedo to SdC on April 27th. In 2018 I walked SJPdP-Finesterre. The Primitivo is a much more challenging route. Especially the first 5-6 days. But it is beautiful. It is worth it! Pictures are from the Hospitales-route and Berducedo-Grandas de Salime.
  19. AK2112

    How much water is ‘plenty’ on the Hospitales?

    Staying in that albergue was probably the smartest thing I did in April.
  20. AK2112

    How much water is ‘plenty’ on the Hospitales?

    I walked the Hospitales route in perfect conditions a couple of weeks ago. I took 3 litres, it was what I needed.

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