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  1. Karinhi

    Unusual places to collect sellos/stamps

    In 2017 somewhere between Saint Jean Pied de Port and Burgos, a young lad had a lemonade stand just outside the entrance to his home and he had a cello. Great 🍋 lemonade too!
  2. Karinhi

    Random thing that made you smile on Camino?

    I was having a pretty gruelling day near the end of the Camino Frances and this older gentleman and his companion, whom I had crossed paths with many times, passed by me as I sat on log, feeling at the end of my rope. He stopped, smiled and told me "you're doing a great job!". I almost cried but...
  3. Karinhi

    Certificate of Distance

    Thank you!
  4. Karinhi

    Certificate of Distance

    Speaking of distance certificates, can you get both a compostela and a distance certificates or must you choose one or the other?
  5. Karinhi

    Suggestions for Spanish Greeting Cards on the Camino

    Hi all-Happy New Year! I plan on finishing my Camino in 2022. I had to stop early due to an injury in 2019. I have a number of friend's and family's birthdays happening while on the Camino and thought it would be fun to send a Spanish greeting card. I realize they are not a big thing there but...
  6. Karinhi

    Let's talk waist packs!

    I use a fanny pack on my walks around home. I end up back at my home so I don't need to bring much besides my ID, face mask, handsanitizer and phone with my QR code along with some coin to stop for my coffee break. I don't think anyone cares what I look like- I certainly don't. Tourists are an...
  7. Karinhi

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD American travelers dodge the EU travel ban—for now!

    Canadian citizens are also under a travel advisory making difficult to get insurance and direct flights. Our vaccine roll out has surpassed most, if not all other countries and our positive case numbers are no where near what they are in the U.S...
  8. Karinhi

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Spain rolls out the European Union’s Digital Covid Certificate system

    That is my question as well. Is there a form we can fill out and have notarized or something from Canada?
  9. Karinhi

    Hi Ivar; I’m just wondering why I can no longer see where people who post are from? I always...

    Hi Ivar; I’m just wondering why I can no longer see where people who post are from? I always find it fascinating.
  10. Karinhi

    To be lost on the Camino

    I really enjoyed your tale! You are a good story teller. Your words brought back snippets of memories of my own Camino moments, although I was never as lost as you were. Your final sentence really summed up my feelings after several difficult days, on the Camino and at other times in my life.
  11. Karinhi

    Santiago to Madrid

    Thank-you all!
  12. Karinhi

    Santiago to Madrid

    In September 2019 I will be completing the Camino Frances from Burgos to Santiago ( with a visit to Finisterre) . I am from Canada and had planned to fly in and out of the Madrid airport. What is the most practical way to travel from Santiago to Madrid airport? The bus ride appears to be about 9...
  13. Karinhi

    Bus to Madrid airport

  14. Karinhi

    Bus to Madrid airport

    I am stopping my Camino in Burgos on Sept. 17th. I plan on catching a bus to the Madrid airport at 2 or 3 in the morning. Does anyone know where the bus station in Burgos is? (I have googled it but am getting conflicting info. from "Follow the Camino" agents) Has anyone taken this route? Would...
  15. Karinhi

    El Camino trash

    I am worried about even going on the Camino now. With all the posts about garbage and excrement I am concerned that it will not be of any benefit. I don't want to leave my Camino experience with nothing but bad memories of the disgusting habits of humans. I can stay at home for that!
  16. Karinhi

    getting to St. Jean Pied de Port

    I am travelling from Canada in Sept., arriving to the Paris airport CDG in the morning of the 2nd. I plan to get a cheap flight to Biarritz. I wonder if the shuttle bus from the Biarritz airport to the Bayonne train station is free and easy to locate. If it is not free, how much is it...

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