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  1. Evan Lacer

    Backpacks only policy in Albergues: A common restriction?

    You misunderstood my post. I referenced her purported rules that pilgrims must walk (as opposed to cycling, riding horseback, taking buses, etc.) and must carry everything (rather than using bag transport).
  2. Evan Lacer

    Backpacks only policy in Albergues: A common restriction?

    When did the Diocese of Santiago impose these strict requirements? :confused:
  3. Evan Lacer

    The electric coil changed my life on the Camino!

    Nescafé: ‘no es café’. ;)
  4. Evan Lacer

    Carabiners or “S” hook?

    I like GrimLocs, which are lightweight but quite strong enough for attaching things (45 lbs tensile strength when mounted right side up, 15 lbs when mounted upside down). Their breakaway feature makes them safer than carabiners if you accidentally get caught on something. They work...
  5. Evan Lacer

    Headlamp question

    I have owned Petzl headlamps and found them to be rather cheaply made and unreliable. YMMV but that was my experience. I currently own two Fenix headlamps, and consider them much higher quality. One is a lithium-powered rechargeable with micro USB port, plenty of power and many output levels...
  6. Evan Lacer

    Buying Camper Stove Fuel on the Trail

    +1. Alcohol stoves are commercially available (Trangia, Evernew, Toaks, etc.), and are inexpensive, lightweight and compact. They are slower than a Jetboil system, but silent. It’s also quick and easy to make a simple version, no special materials or equipment required. See How to Make a Fancee...
  7. Evan Lacer

    Too many poor pilgrims?

    Shame on him/her. Stereotyping is never cool.
  8. Evan Lacer

    Tea on the go

    Hello Carla, Have you done your Camino? If so, please report on how you addressed your tea issue, and how well your chosen gear worked out for you. Thanks! Yes. It really depends. I love using camping stoves (especially alcohol stoves), and enjoy the self-sufficiency they provide. If not in...
  9. Evan Lacer

    For coffee addicts that like to walk early

    Those 3-in-1 sachets are undeniably convenient, but most are full of dodgy ingredients (artificially sweeteners, palm oil, emulsifiers, etc.). Just saying. May be of interest:
  10. Evan Lacer

    “March or Die”

    Reminds me of the following passage from Tony Herbert’s book Soldier (1973), discussing the 2nd Battalion, 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment during the 1960’s: The training exercises were increasing in number and intensity, and one afternoon, while I was leading a company on an exercise whose...
  11. Evan Lacer

    How to get my parents permission to go?

    ^^^ This ^^^ Here is my suggestion: tell your parents - in a pleasant and non-confrontational manner - that you will be walking a Camino in the Spring or Summer of 2023. You are not seeking their permission, or asking for their advice; you are just giving them advance notice of your plans, as a...
  12. Evan Lacer

    “March or Die”

    This is oriented towards soldiers, but some of the advice is transferable to Camino walking. A Basic Guide To Military-Style Movement on Foot
  13. Evan Lacer

    Reviews of Four Camino-Related Books

    Indeed it is a classic. Dick, here are two short videos for your viewing pleasure. What great people ordinary Spaniards are. 👍👍
  14. Evan Lacer

    Question about raintrousers

    "Good decision"? It sounds like you were no better off than just hiking in your usual shorts ... actually worse off, considering the extra weight and faffing around.
  15. Evan Lacer

    Using a larger Backpack, just not filling it up. Thoughts?

    No worries, and no apology necessary. If someone initiates a thread expressly soliciting opinions, it is only natural that such will be posted. And a lively debate - free of personal abuse, obviously - informs, and should always be welcome. I for one read your earlier comment as firmly...
  16. Evan Lacer

    Using a larger Backpack, just not filling it up. Thoughts?

    You are most welcome! :) It's a rather strange debate (and, for the sake of clarity, I am speaking generally and not describing this thread): At one end of the spectrum, there are people who believe that every possible gram must be shaved, and that it is sacrilegious to carry any item that is...
  17. Evan Lacer

    Using a larger Backpack, just not filling it up. Thoughts?

    You already have experience hiking with that particular pack, and like it. If I were you, I'd give much more weight to my direct personal experience than to other people's opinions. As you have noted (post #34), it would be good to try a couple of local hikes with the pack loaded only with the...
  18. Evan Lacer

    Bottle vs Bladder

    May be of interest to some. I like the fact that it is useable with several different bottles, including the ubiquitous Coke or similar pop bottles. Although for a Camino, it might well be better to simply choose one type and avoid lugging extra adaptors around. I almost invariably hike with...
  19. Evan Lacer

    If you are staying in a private room are you tipping the help?

    100%. What a sensitive, respectful attitude. 👍👍 Good on you.

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