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    How do I contact Ivar?

    Hello, Does anyone have Ivar's contact info? I've tried his email but it keeps getting returned as undeliverable. We mailed packages and will be in Santiago tomorrow. (27/2/17) Thank you! Diana -
  2. Granada to Quentar

    Granada to Quentar

  3. French aqueduct

    French aqueduct

    Near the town of Dudar on the first stage from Granada to Almeria (we're going inverso.)
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    Winter Camino de Mozarabe

    Thanks very much! These are all with my iPhone. They won't blow up very big but they work well for a blog. Once I take them I adjust the white balance, sharpen and usually do some cropping too. It's amazing what these little phones can do! Buen camino! Diana
  5. Morning Light

    Morning Light

  6. Fair Warning

    Fair Warning

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    Winter Camino de Mozarabe

    Hello! We just walked from Cordoba to Granada and had a wonderful experience. We did a combination of camping and staying in lodging; cool at night but great daytime temps. Here's a link to our blog. My husband did all the route finding so I will upload that info hopefully soon. He used a...
  8. Aqueduct Acequia de Velioz

    Aqueduct Acequia de Velioz

    Path was very well marked!
  9. Walking next to Rio Belillos

    Walking next to Rio Belillos

    On the way to Pino Puentes.
  10. Looking up at Moclin Castle

    Looking up at Moclin Castle

  11. Painter Street in Moclin

    Painter Street in Moclin

  12. Moclin down to Olivares

    Moclin down to Olivares
  13. Trees are blooming!

    Trees are blooming!

    The walk from Baena to Zuheros was short but a lot of walking up. Glorious blooming plum?
  14. Ancient Olive Grove

    Ancient Olive Grove

    Right outside Baena.
  15. Castle at Zuheros

    Castle at Zuheros

  16. Baena


  17. The Guadajoz River

    The Guadajoz River

    On the walk from Castro Del Rio to Baena.
  18. Espejo


  19. Córdoba to Castro Del Rio

    Córdoba to Castro Del Rio

  20. Roman mine near Ategua ruins

    Roman mine near Ategua ruins

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