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  1. Minkey

    Walking stick

    I think there's a sports/walking shop somewhere in Astorga if you want poles. A guy I met bought some new shoes there when I went there the first time around.
  2. Minkey

    New Group of Pilgrims

    Ah ok. was trying to multitask :-/
  3. Minkey

    New Group of Pilgrims

    I'd say do the first bit. That way, should you want to return to continue your journey, you'll still have the end to look forward to. Sarria to Santiago is nowhere near as beautiful as SJPdP to say... erm... Pamplona or somewhere. That's just my opinion, though.
  4. Minkey

    starting 18 June 2010 in Saint Jean Pied de Port

    I suspect next year will be like no other previous holy year. June will be particularly busy, I think. That said and done, there are significantly more places to stay along the way... Difficult to say, really. 33 days is definitely enough time. You may even find that three rest days aren't...
  5. Minkey

    Cheap place to stay in Pamplona?

    I never stayed in Pamplona, just walked on through and stayed in the next town Cizur Minor. Love it there.
  6. Minkey

    Best stops, favourite albergues between SJPP - Burgos?

    I've always heard lots of good things about the one in Granon. Just casting my mind back and I think there were a couple of nice places/albergues. Larrasoana was one, the other was in Cezur Menor. I've stayed in both in Cezur and prefer the first one run by the Order of Malta. Really nice. I...
  7. Minkey

    May 29th, Ivar walks the Camino. Want to come along?

    Oh Ivar! Start from Villafranca, I dare you! (apologies for my absence by the way, have had a bit of a testing time over the last few months)
  8. Minkey

    Long Dry Stages?

    I'm one for bottles. Hydration packs are good for cyclists, but they taste funny! How about a couple of Sigg bottles tucked into the side pockets of your sack?
  9. Minkey

    Members Photos

    I don't have any web based images of me, sadly. It'd be such a nice surprise to finally meet or at least find someone from days gone by.
  10. Minkey

    Equipment list and opinions from recent camino

    Re: Equipent list and opinions from recent camino Good stuff. I'm with you on the technical t's... They take up so little space and they dry quickly, although I get quite fed up with wearing them by the end, so tend to take a cotton one as well, just for a bit of variety.
  11. Minkey

    Foot Problems - Here's a tip - Slightly Off Topic :)

    Over pronation, wonky legs etc are a strangely common issue. Most people will tend to over pronate, causing the knee to move inwards, sometimes resulting in quite a bit of pain. A good supportive shoe should be enough to correct the problem in most cases, so I'm not sure if spending potentially...
  12. Minkey

    Bed bugs alert

    The municipal albergue seems to repeatedly get them, as it had only just reopened when I got there last year. I'd still happily stay there again though. Saw some horrible images of bedbugs over the last few years. The bites REALLY swell up. I had been bitten last year, but I don't think they...
  13. Minkey

    Backpacks again

    50 litres?! Blimey! Mine was a 33 litre pack from Osprey. Very comfortable, supportive, easy to adjust and had straps at the side to compress. expensive, but well worth it.
  14. Minkey

    A new hotel in RONCESVALLES

    That's actually quite good news for people going at busy times, as I know a guy who had to sleep in a tent last year (kindly given to him by the people who run the Roncesvalles refugio!)
  15. Minkey

    Booking ahead on a train

    I think booking on trains if you're not a Spanish National can be somewhat troublesome as I discovered a few years ago. The problem is, you'll need to supply an ID number for Renfe, or at least you used to have to. Worth a look.
  16. Minkey

    Bus some of the route?

    Judgemental? Not really, just that if someone has walked for hours on end, I think they deserve the bed space more than someone who hasn't walked. I'm not being judgemental, merely expressing an opinion.
  17. Minkey

    Tributes to Julian Field - ex hospitalero of Rabanal

    Blimey... Doesn`t seem like two years ago. I was in Castrojeriz when I first heard. Terrible news, but this, I feel is a fitting tribute. RIP
  18. Minkey

    Dangerous exit for pilgrims on the way to Leon

    I recall a young family walking across the road last year... unbelievable.
  19. Minkey

    Bus some of the route?

    Each to their own. Anyway, if I can just share my opinion on the bussing pilgrims for one moment... I don`t really have a problem with it... well, not much anyway! If it`s for a valid reason such as someone who has picked up an injury and want to stick with their friend, that to me seems ok...
  20. Minkey

    First timer's questions

    You will be fine with a liner at that time of year, I think. Yes, some albergues have blankets but don`t bank on it. If you do get cold, you could always put on another layer. I´ve done the Camino several times - In stages and all in one go from SJPP and personally, I still think the first few...

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