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    The enduring legacy of the movie ‘The Way’ (and a new book by Jen Hutchison)

    I can see that one could feel that the story of "The Way" could seem too Hollywood but I felt that a lot of the sentiments accurately reflected how peregrinos could feel on the way. I don't understand how one could "hate" it. ....sorry.
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    Starting your Camino from Sevilla: Tips on Avoiding Urban Walks

    The traditional start after leaving Triana takes you through Camas and Santiponce. Personally I find them fascinating but there is an alternative path once you cross the pedestrian bridge below the Caixa tower which takes you along the river bank and is much more rural. If you want to skip it...
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    Relocation to Spain - Culture shock?

    My wife and I moved from Edinburgh in Scotland to rural Andalucia (beautiful village of 300 people) in 2004. We were very lucky as our neighbours have been very open and incredibly helpful. We had been visiting Spain regularly for rather more than 10 years before so were comfortable in the...
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    Social distancing

    Hi there. I live in Andalucia about 100 km northwest of Seville and 30 km west of the Via de La Plata in a small village. When we first arrived we were very northern European and stand-off-ish but over time we have adopted the huggy-touchy-feely practices of our neighbours. However this was our...
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    Who Knows - hotel near Cathedral in Sevilla?

    Can't get closer to the Cathedral than Cathedral Boutique in Avenida de La Constitucion. We stayed there 4 years ago and it was better than basic and really good value for money. Buen Camino. Remember 5th and 6th January are public holidays.
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    "Tapas actually Spanish for 'not enough food' confirms Spain"

    I'm with Rick, but I understand it to have been a slice of chorizo rather than bread. In our local bar here in the Sierra de Aracena the tapas come in a lot of shapes and sizes....... croquetas, empanadillas, salchichon, chorizo picante, chistorros.... the list goes on.
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    Winging it or Getting a Helping Hand?

    This is quite a tricky one. Personally I enjoyed the process of investigating accommodation possibilities ahead of time for myself. I also wanted to keep as close to the original pilgrim ethic as possible and masochistically wanted to be forced to solve problems on my own. Also, to be fair, I...
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    Footwear for Norte

    At the time of year that you are planning to walk the route for the first ten days or so of the Camino is basically a sea of mud. I spent most of the descents for the first week on all fours. You will definitely need to have sturdy waterproof walking shoes or boots.
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    Disappointment with Torres Del Rio - try the Palace instead!

    When researching hostales for my Frances I saw that the reviews for all of the places in Torres del Rio were poor so we opted for Sansol. It was a great decision. The old hostal where we stayed was basic but comfortable. The menu del peregrino was very cheap and delicious with no lack of wine...
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    Easiest one week for Camino for elders?

    I found the climb to the Perdon to be steady and not particularly demanding with the views enough to buck up any flagging spirits. The problem with the descent was the surfaces. The big cobble size rocks are all loose and ready to roll an ankle (or worse!!) took so long to get down safely.
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    Camino with 6 year old July 2023

    I would recommend the Portugues, starting Tuy and walking in to SdC. It is about 150km and reasonably flat. The albergues are all great and with the exception of O Porino, the stopping places are beautiful and interesting. It is not super busy but there were enough fellow peregrinos around to...
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    Easiest one week for Camino for elders?

    Absolutely would recommend Tuy to SdC. There is a long climb on day 2 O Porino to Redondela but otherwise it is pretty flat, well sign-posted and the albergues are great and staffed by really helpful people.
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    Irache wine fountain - 30,000+ bottles so far this year!

    On my 2017 Camino we passed the Irache fountain but tragically despite it only being 09:00 am there was no wine being dispensed. A couple of days later my Camino mate and I volunteered to cook a communal dinner in the Albergue in Najera. In the supermarket we saw some bottles of Irache so...
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    Stuck in Spain

    If the money is not important to you then come south to Andalucia and spend time in Granada, Cordoba, Malaga and then Sevilla. The 4 huge jewels in the crown of Andalucia and there can be no better way to spend a month. Otherwise spending a 1000 dollars on the flight change is going to be cheaper.
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    Sleeping bag

    Sleeping bag. Always.
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    Summary of my little trip + some tips

    I was very interested in your comments on your experience on the Camino. I was slightly taken aback by the vitupritive nature of your criticism of the locals. You are in Spain. In Spain we speak Spanish. In the larger cities you will encounter more people (mostly younger) who will have a working...
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    Found it at last

    I have enjoyed the Special brew but I must admit that my weapon of choice on the Camino is and will for the foreseeable future be tercios of Estrella Galicia.
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    Found it at last

    After nearly 2 years searching I eventually found some in Carrefour. I have tried one and it is rather tasty.

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