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    LIVE from the Camino Help for sore heel and ankle

    Soak, soak, soak in (cool) temperate water (use plastic bag in waste can if you must). Massage whole (!) leg, gently. See pharmacist.
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    Multipurpose shoes for shower and town?

    Keens snubnose sandals for me. Takes a beating wet/dry, never get stinky. Also can be a light walker trade-off.
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    Plans Cancelled!!!

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    RETHINK walking the Frances

    Camino Frances. Are there transports to the next town along CF if it should happen that I've walked my physical limit for the day and no bed is available in that town?
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    CF Backwards? West to east.

    I see. Thank you.
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    CF Backwards? West to east.

    Thank you very much for this information about Camino Ignaciano.
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    CF Backwards? West to east.

    I would enjoy all the pilgrims and travelers whether I go east or west.
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    CF Backwards? West to east.

    Thank you for your reply. Trekking is my reason for CF.
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    CF Backwards? West to east.

    What variations would you suggest? Thank you.
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    CF Backwards? West to east.

    hi henrythedog, Is there a route you might suggest?
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    CF Backwards? West to east.

    great explanation, thank you.
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    Has anyone eaten at Arrea! ?

    I can't wait to read about your experience to Arrea!
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    CF Backwards? West to east.

    Hello sojourners. I want to walk CF to Santiago in September 2023. With all the pilgrim congestion and uncertainty about albergues/boarding originating in SJPdP, does it make sense to start CF in Santiago de Compostela and walk east on the CF. This is not a religious Way of St. James pilgrimage...
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    plantar fasciitis - with 7 weeks to go

    Get A-Stym therapy. Call Benchmark Therapy clinics. 3 treatments, no pain. Nothing, nothing else worked. A-Stym.
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    Not what I expected!

    I'm a magnet for mosquitoes. Are they active on CF?
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    PSA: Wear Chacos!

    Keens are also very good sandals. Rugged. Can walk wet without blistering. Never stink.
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    Solo female Camino Frances from October 20th. Guidance welcome!

    Infer a partner. My husband is meeting me ahead. I'm meeting a party ... My hotel is expecting my family and I... My walking partner is a slowpoke behind me ...
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    Hiking Sandals

    KEENs! For women, the Whisper model is nearly the same as NewportH2 but with a slightly more slender footbed, less clunky. Compare fits. Wet or dry, no blisters.

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