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    Any advice for when you want to quit?

    My spouse had to leave the Camino and go home early. Thought the hip & leg pain was muscle or arthritis related but it turns out she needs a total hip replacement. She’s 59. We’ve had to wait 2 months for the surgery and it will require several months to return to normal. She tried to push...
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    As a professional, I have taken shots of many places always being mindful of others. Not entitled just courteous.
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    2 men flying their drone around the Cruz de Farro this morning. I was hoping for a quiet moment of reflection but instead I got noise. Please be mindful of other’s experiences here on the Camino. Fly your drones when pilgrims aren’t around. Thanks!
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    Weather concerns 6/20-6/22

    It’s smart not to walk thru thunderstorms but we’ve been stuck in a couple of them and made it through okay.
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    Weather concerns 6/20-6/22

    Gloves maybe for hand sweat. It’s great weather here
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    Weather forecast for SJPP on Sunday?

    Buen Camino!
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    Weather forecast for SJPP on Sunday?

    Hi. I’m Alex. Leaving tomorrow for Madrid. Will be in SJPP on Sun. How’s the weather? See you soon!

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