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    Vigo to Santiago-distances between lodging

    I just returned from Sarria to Santiago walk. I was only able to do 10 to 12 km a day.Are there places to stay that close together on this route?
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    10k days from Sarria?

    I just returned home after following this plan almost exactly!
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    10k days from Sarria?

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    Beds available Sarria to SdC?

    Thanks! This is kind of my plan;glad to see I was on the right track!
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    Beds available Sarria to SdC?

    I'm leaving for Sarria next week and getting a little concerned reading about difficulties getting a bed. I'm a slow walker and will probably stop in towns outside the "typical™ daily destinations. Any thoughts about ways to ease my mind? Thanks!
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    Early morning flight from SDC

    Not sure where I'm staying yet yet but will try to be centrally located. Good to know that hotels can help arrange this. Thanks!
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    Early morning flight from SDC

    I'm scheduled for 6:30 am flight out of Santiago de Compostela . I guess a taxi is my only option but how do I arrange it so early in the morning.?Also, is there a standard airport transport fee or does anyone know what I should expect to pay? Thanks for any thoughts!
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    Class of 2018

    First time, August 22,CF, solo. Looking forward to it but a little scared.

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