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    Time to get through Madrid Airport Passport control queues/Covid checks?

    It was very smooth through immigration, in fact the non EU queue was shorter than the EU one (but that was probably because we were flying Iberia and most of the passengers were Spanish). Once through immigration there's the Health Check section but providing you have an EU or equivalent Covid...
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    Time to get through Madrid Airport Passport control queues/Covid checks?

    We travelled from LHR to MAD last week. There was no delays at all and we made it through immigration, via the monorail to T4 from T4S and through the health screening in about 15-20 minutes. I was genuinely surprised how quick it was (especially having experienced Heathrow recently).
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    O Cebreiro - Linares alternative route

    We walked the higher route today. Really beautiful, great views and very quiet (only saw 2 other pilgrims). We also took the higher alternative between Alto do Poio and Fonfría. Again really worth it, beautifully shaded by trees with great views and no sound of the road. Also no other pilgrims...
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    O Cebreiro - Linares alternative route

    I'm in O Cebreiro at the moment and see that the Xunta Galicia sign on exiting the village gives two routes to Linares: a recommended route along the road or what looks like an alternative "higher" route. Has anyone more information about which is better and why?
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    Avoiding Cruz de Ferro

    We had to curtail our camino in Leon in 2018 and owing to a ruptured achilles and then Covid, this summer will be our first chance to complete it. However, I still have to manage my achilles and steep uneven descents are a risk, so we thought we'd just skip Cruz de Ferro. Is there lower...
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    Renting a bicycle on a whim on the Meseta?

    Indeed. There are several companies that do bike rental along that way so I'm sure one will provide what you are looking for. You can also try bicigrino, velobur and many others in addition to Ricicleta if you want to get an idea of flexibility and prices etc. They all offer flexible drop...
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    Renting a bicycle on a whim on the Meseta?

    Because my wife and daughter (aged 13) aren't great walking long distance without shade in August, we decided to cycle Burgos to Leon this year. We used The person we dealt with was a lovely woman called Belen who brought the bikes to where we were staying in Burgos...
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    Walking this August

    The weather forecast presently suggests that the current extreme temperatures will subside from Thursday 9th of August onwards. It will still be hot, especially during the afternoons (it is August in Spain) but the mornings and evenings are great walking times. Also if you begin in SJPDP the...
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    Bus from San Juan de Ortega, or Villafranca montes de Oca to Burgos

    I'm pretty sure that there are regular buses along the N120 to Burgos. One option is to walk down to Zalduendo and get the bus from there. I found a timetable a couple of weeks ago, I'll try and post it but also the locals in San Juan or Atapuerca will probably be able to help you with advice...
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    A gentleman's undercarriage question regarding chafing......

    I need to ask advice on the.... erm....ahem.....delicate matter of the chafing of a gentleman's undercarriage when walking in the summer. Have any chaps walked in shorts with a mesh liner in lieu of underwear? I have some running shorts which are marvellously light and cool and the mesh helps...
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    Part of the Meseta on a bike

    We are planning on doing this stretch by bike this year too. (We're walking from Logroño to Burgos first). However, we're planning on taking 4 days though (40 - 50km per day). 8 days sounds like very short cycling stages to me. Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not meaning to be critical, just...
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    Between Villafranca M de O and San Juan de Ortega

    Thanks David, that's useful to know
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    Between Villafranca M de O and San Juan de Ortega

    Thank you all for your replies.
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    Between Villafranca M de O and San Juan de Ortega

    Hello, We are continuing our camino this year and I'm planning stages and hoping to walk Belorado to San Juan de Ortega. However, I'm looking at the profile and the section from Villafranca Montes do Oca and San Juan de Ortega looks to have quite a climb to it and also looks like 12 km without...
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    Bilbao airport to Pamplona transport

    We've just done this. There's local buses from the airport to the city bus station in Bilbao every 15 mins and the journey takes about 20 minutes costs about €2. Then take La Union bus to Pamplona direct, costs €15 takes 2 hours.
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    Backpacks for children

    It depends on where you are based. If you are in the UK, my 12 year old used a 25 litre day sack from Tesco, it's their own brand but has a padded, properly fitted hip belt and facility for adding a bladder if necessary. It also has lots of accessible storage pockets and mesh pockets, is well...
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    Camino with children

    Hi Jen, We walked from Sarria to Santiago with our 10 and 12 year olds 2 years ago and they loved it so much we started in SJPDP last year. There's a wealth of information and help on this and other forums and some very useful blogs from previous camino families. Suffice to say that our...
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    Budgeting for a family of 6

    Oh yes, campsite cabins and with a party your size you should also check out apartments. There are several places along the way that rent out multi bedroomed places for just the one night, these also provide cooking and washing facilities. lists some, also look out and...
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    Budgeting for a family of 6

    We found, as a family of 4, that cheap hotels/pensions/casas rurales were often around the same price or only marginally more than paying for individual bunks in an albergue. Also always worth asking as to the charge/possibility of adding an extra bed for a child in an advertised room rate as...
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    Zubiri, Urdaniz or Larrasoana??

    Last year we stayed here in Urdaniz Without doubt the best albergue we stayed in I think. As there were 4 of us we had it to ourselves (there are 6 bunks) There's a pool and Jesus the owner is just the most welcoming and friendly host. He also cooked us a...

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