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  1. sharon w

    Visit San Juan de la Pena 2 nights in albergue?

    We were offered a 2 night stay at the Albergue at Jaca. However, we chose to take the bus to San Juan de la Peña and then walked on to Santa Cilia.
  2. sharon w

    Accommodation Options Along the Voie d'Arles Between Giscaro and Auch

    Yes. Their story is beautiful as yours must be. They have made their Gite into a truly wonderful Chemin experience.
  3. sharon w

    LIVE from the Camino Opening Day at Canfranc Pueblo!

    Such a shame. We stayed at Albergue Aysa at Somport in 2018. There were a few pilgrims, some bike riders and a few tourists. They gave my husband and I a room to ourselves, although it could have slept 5 people. No one was sleeping on the top bunks in any of the rooms, so they had obviously...
  4. sharon w

    Need help deciding where to go

    If you can, get off in Merida. There is so much to see there.
  5. sharon w

    Highlights of Via de la Plata

    We also stayed in Hotel Zaida in Sevilla. It was beautiful.
  6. sharon w

    LIVE from the Camino Our Via Francigena: walking from Lucca

    We walked from Lucca in 2019. It will be good to watch your videos as a reminder of a beautiful walk.
  7. sharon w


    One place we enjoyed was the house of Manuel de Falla. He was a Spanish composer. His house is set up exactly as he lived in it. We had a very interesting visit.
  8. sharon w

    Best time to walk Levante

    Thanks Dave.
  9. sharon w

    Starting from Bayonne - getting a credential

    Kevin, that would be great. Many thanks.
  10. sharon w

    Peripheral Neuropathy and walking the Camino

    I also have peripheral neuropathy as a result of chemotherapy. I have found the days I walk, the better my feet are. Even my balance is improving. My doctor told me balance is affected because you can’t feel the placement of your feet on the ground. Therefore poles I think are a good idea...
  11. sharon w

    How to Make Arrangements for Visiting Pech Merle and Rocamadour

    We caught the train from Figeac to go to Rocamadour. Yes, it’s about an hour’s walk to Rocamadour from the train station or you can catch a taxi. We walked on the way there and caught a taxi to the station on the return trip. The Peche Merle Caves are great. We walked there on the way. You need...
  12. sharon w

    Hiking the Baztan, Olvidado, and Invierno routes in Spain

    The link works. I also like to plan in advance and will be looking forward to reading your posts. Thanks.
  13. sharon w

    Starting from Bayonne - getting a credential

    Am planning on walking the Baztan in 2024. Thanks for the information.
  14. sharon w

    Best time to walk Levante

    Thanks everyone. I think a spring Camino on the Levante sounds the best from the comments above. We will be walking in the north of Spain in April so will probably fly to Valencia after that to begin the Levante. I had been thinking of coming back to Spain later in the year but back to back...
  15. sharon w

    Best time to walk Levante

    Thanks Juliana. I think spring might be the time to go.
  16. sharon w

    Best time to walk Levante

    Thanks LTfit.
  17. sharon w

    Best time to walk Levante

    Thanks Laurie.
  18. sharon w

    Best time to walk Levante

    Hoping to do Levante next year. When is the best time to walk? I would think early spring might be quite wet. I am thinking April or maybe halfway through September.

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