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  1. Al the optimist

    Accommodations along the way for Camino Frances

    Last week we returned from walking Pamplona to Burgos. No bed shortage in albergues. They were only half full most nights.
  2. Al the optimist

    How much Camiño is too much?

    Like everything in life, it is an individual thing as testified above. Now in my 12th Camino year. Even after completing 16 I am still enjoying myself walking them (though not every minute of every day). Counting down again for the next 11 days, having left off the 17th at Astorga a month ago...
  3. Al the optimist

    Burgos train station to Camino trail

    I took the train from Madrid to Burgos Rosa de Lima train station rom Charmartin last month. Immediately outside is a bus stop. The number 23 (I think) takes you to Plaza de Espana (the Terminus) in Burgos centre. I think it took about 20 minutes and cost les than 2 euros. I think the bus runs...
  4. Al the optimist

    I need to switch it up!

    I have walked the El Salvador three times. I always find it quite strenuous going over from Poladura to Parajes. Last time was two years ago in July 2021 and I was a very exhausted 73 year old. I would not recommend it if you are not in the best of health. Buen Camino
  5. Al the optimist

    Most challenging sections on the Camino Frances

    Thank you. Most kind. Does ANYONE make it past that cafe?
  6. Al the optimist

    Most challenging sections on the Camino Frances

    I like going down to Molinasecca as well (although cautiously to start with). I once in bad weather did part of the early bit on the road. Reaching Acebo gives a sense of achievement doesn't it? I have always enjoying that first café! Last time I stayed in Acebo at the albergue attached to the...
  7. Al the optimist

    Starting the Camino Mozarabe on the 1st October 2019 from Almeria - Arrows along the Camino

    Glad to know the marking is now good as I had some problems back in 2016 especially in the bamboo forest. I found it a very lonely experience and was glad I could speak Spanish. Before Cordoba I only met 2 pilgrims for one night each as one was on a bicycle and the other was finishing the next...
  8. Al the optimist


    So glad the storm happened 2 hours AFTER we finished walking for the day.
  9. Al the optimist


    I recently took a friend on the Frances. He was a Camino Virgin and had only a week for his holiday. We stayed in St Jean on arrival. We then walked to Orisson, Roncessvalles, Zubiri and on the fourth day into a crowded San Fermin in Pamplona which we left that same evening boarding a Madrid...
  10. Al the optimist

    What are YOUR Favourite Spanish Words?

    Si, tenemos una cama para ti.
  11. Al the optimist

    A good place to leave for Norte

    I have walked the El Salvador twice, once in glorious sunshine. That time I rate it as the best views I have encountered. Then again I have not walked the Primitivo, which many rate highly. Why not the El Salvador then the Primitivo? Then save the Norte for a walk from Irun?
  12. Al the optimist

    Just saw your reaction. You in Wolves?

    Just saw your reaction. You in Wolves?
  13. Al the optimist

    Walking from Burgos on 10th April to SDC.

    Off - 2 weeks! As always it is getting hard to concentrate on other things now.
  14. Al the optimist

    Walking from Burgos on 10th April to SDC.

    Continuing from where I had to leave off last year for lack of time. I hated leaving it as I was just getting into the Camino Karma.
  15. Al the optimist

    Urban Myths

    True I guess. On the Frances this summer I met an American woman who had lived there for over 20 years. She covered every inch except her eyes as she burnt if the sun got to her.
  16. Al the optimist

    Camino Phrases and Titles

    What annoys me is that nothing anyone says annoys me!
  17. Al the optimist

    The year ahead

    Happy New Year to all following the Gregorian Calendar! (Maybe I find the concept of March 25th a better one?) Anyway, good luck with your planning and walking. Hope I get to join in at some point. May your year be filled with joy, health and happiness.
  18. Al the optimist

    A merry Christmas to all fellow travellers.

    May you and yours all be safe, healthy and happy.
  19. Al the optimist

    New to camino need help

    The Camino Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago is 5 days. There used to be a bad day going up to Bruma on day 5 but there is a new and easier route now. Hostal accommodation at all stages but the Bruma one needs the slight diversion to Nova do Vento for a Hostal. See our Johnie Walker guide book.
  20. Al the optimist

    Curiosity about age: white/ Grey hair?

    Having met you I cannot understand how since you didn't have white hair until your late 30s they can have known you for 20 years! ;-)

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