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  1. Camineiro

    LIVE from the Camino Struggling with doubt on the Camino

    On my first Camino in 2008 I had some doubts about what I‘m doing when it didn‘t stop raining after 6 days. I prayed to the universe and told those people up there 👆🏻, if they won’t stop the rain, I‘ll stop and go home. The next day there was bright sunshine and I went on to Santiago. I arrived...
  2. Camineiro

    Asthma on Camino Portuguése warning

    Maybe you should think about the coastal route (along the beaches) from Porto. Take the historic tramway from near the cathedral along the river Douro mouthing into the atlantic and continue your pilgrimage from there. Possibly the sea climate might be better for your asthma.
  3. Camineiro

    Is Dumbria directly on the Camino Finisterre route

    I've tried both variants and I liked the one to Muxia first, then Finisterre better than vice versa.
  4. Camineiro

    Cruise ships in Finisterre

    No! It is possible to do the pilgrimage on a sailing ⛵️ yacht. You have to call at several ports along the north coast and get your credencial stamped.
  5. Camineiro

    Camino Del Norte Special Certificates or Stamps

    No, not to my knowledge.
  6. Camineiro

    National passport in card form

    Mmmh … in Germany we are using passport and id-card for identification. The passport comes in a small booklet with several blank pages. The id-card looks like a mini-passport with all the necessary personal data, but has no booklet for e.g. visa or stamps. My id-card is valid for identification...
  7. Camineiro

    Le Puy-en-Velay to St. Privat d’Allier in one day?

    In 2012 I walked from Le Puy to St. Privat d‘Allier in one day and found it as to be far less strenuous than SJPdP to Roncesvalles.
  8. Camineiro

    Conques to Saint Jean Pied De Port-Transport help!

    Hi jesska13, some time ago I went from Conques to SJPdP as follows: - Conques to Figeac -> La malle postale (or any other backpack transport company, there are a few) - Figeac to Toulouse -> train SNCF - Toulouse Bayonne -> train SNCF - Bayonne to SJPdP -> train TER or bus
  9. Camineiro

    Train Strike May 1 - Getting to Saint Jean PDP from Bayonne

    You can walk from Bayonne to SJPdP. You‘re a pilgrim. 😉
  10. Camineiro

    Urgently need transport from Pamplona to SJPDP, April 27, 2023

    Delete the word “urgent“ from your vocabulary for the time of your Camino. Take it easy. Everything will work out into good.
  11. Camineiro

    Orio to Zarautz

    The traffic on that road is low as it is a rural area. Sometimes walking on the shoulder is possible as far as I remember.
  12. Camineiro

    Walk Finisterre to Santiago - backwards to avoid crowds?

    I recommend to switch from Camino frances to Camino del Norte. Less pilgrims and pretty much coastal walks. 35 days are enough to cover e.g. Bilbao to Finisterre.
  13. Camineiro

    Orio to Zarautz

    The path itself is about 1.2 km long until you reach the sportsground. From there you have to take the small asphalt road again, which isn’t a highway, btw. You won’t avoid asphalt that much. I like walking along water, so I took the road.
  14. Camineiro

    Snow conditions on Route Napoleon for Camino Frances in April

    At this time of the year the weather and snow conditions may vary from day to day. I‘ve been walking the Via Podiensis by end of april and a few days before reaching SJPdP we were told by several hospitaleros along the way the Route Napoleon is still closed. Upon reaching SJPdP on may 5th the...
  15. Camineiro

    Biarritz airport to St Jean Pied De Port, May 6, 2023

    Bus no. 4 takes you in about 35 min. from the airport to railway station (SNCF) Bayonne for just 1€. The train ticket from Bayonne costs you that very day 5€ only (for whatever reason 🤷🏻‍♂️. Normally it’s at 10,70€).
  16. Camineiro

    San Sebastián to SJPP

    Hi Bob, which “San Sebastián“ are you talking about? Is it San Sebastián city or San Sebastián airport, which makes a big difference? San Sebastian airport is located right on the french/spanish border. Just walk to Hendaye railway station (3km) and take the train to Bayonne, and further on to...
  17. Camineiro

    Biarritz airport to SJPP 1st Sept 2023

    Hi Pete, according to my information the first train to depart Bayonne towards SJPdP on sept 2nd is at 08:16 a.m. Arrival will be at 09:17 a.m. I can recommend a nice and cosy hotel right across the street at bayonne railway station: Hôtel Côte Basques. From airport Biarritz take bus line no...
  18. Camineiro

    Training, heavy rain for 2 weeks

    Training for me usually starts on day 1 on the camino. Fitness is increasing every day. I usually beginn with shorter distances the first days. My first camino I started completely untrained as a couch potato. It took me 29 days from SJPdP to Santiago. Don‘t worry … you‘re gonna make it. Step...
  19. Camineiro

    Biarritz to St Jean Monday 20 March by public transport

    Hi Martin, Biarritz is a small airport. Baggage collection (and security check … is there any upon arrival?) is done within 10-15 minutes. Busses from Biarritz airport to Bayonne railway station (SNCF) are running frequently. After your arrival at 17:00 there are bus departures (Line no.4) at...
  20. Camineiro

    What book defines 'off stage'?

    Hi Jeanine, on your next camino watch out for german speaking pilgrims. They generally use either the “yellow outdoor guide“ or the “red Rother guide“. French pilgrims might use the Miam Miam Dodo etc.

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