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  1. darcelona

    Altra trail shoes versus hiking shoes

    I also walked with Altras on the VDLP last year. I started with the Superior which didn't have the cushion I needed and then picked up the Timp 4 in Leon which nearly floated me to Santiago. I loved walking in them. Ultimately, the zero drop proved problematic for me and I won't walk again in...
  2. darcelona

    Succinct advice

    Don't race, even yourself. Stretch. Goop. Aquarius.
  3. darcelona

    Salamanca Rest Day: Your tips

    Yes, this is a fantastic little museum...5 stars. Also Vinodiario is a worthy stop for lunch or dinner.
  4. darcelona


    I stayed at Hotel La Parada del Marqués before embarking on the VDLP last March. Was a great little hotel with a wonderful breakfast and faces the bridge heading out of Sevilla. Very reasonable price.
  5. darcelona

    LIVE from the Camino Walking the Via de la Plata with New Friends

    Hi Karin, Very nice discovering your blog today and reading about your vdlp so far. I walked last March and loved it. Appreciate all the pictures... brings back good memories. Those cows were in the same spot a year ago too! My heart was beating wildly passing the first few. I practiced my...
  6. darcelona

    VdlP Food Recommendations - A Serious Question

    Hi Robo, I wish I had asked this question before walking the VDLP this year! I did have some great food but quite a few misses too. Here's a few of my highlights foodwise: El Ricón de la Barbera in Castilblanco de los Arroyos: I think this place is responsible for setting my expectations to...
  7. darcelona

    Where to stay the night before Santiago....?

    Couldn't agree more. Heidi is a caring generous woman who cooks a beautiful home-cooked meal (proper chocolate mousse for dessert too). Unquestionably the best meal on the Camino. Greater than that though was the evening together telling stories with Heidi and two other pilgrims late into the...
  8. darcelona

    LIVE from the Camino Happy Penguin on the Vdlp

    Hola, I started Feb 28 from Sevilla. I've stayed in a mix of accommodation, but these are the cooking facilities I know about: Guillena (Camino del Luz): kitchen open to use. I didn't cook in it but other pilgrims did. No heat in Albergue but blanket provided. El Real de la Jara (Alojamiento...
  9. darcelona

    Preventing Black Toe ?

    Thank you for the engo patch recommendation! I have ordered some of those. I'm cautiously optimistic that can mitigate this issue.
  10. darcelona

    Preventing Black Toe ?

    I have been training in altra superior 5s and they have been fantastic. I love the zero drop and wide toe box and light weight. I recently bought a second pair to actually walk in on the VDLP but went up a half size to make sure i wouldn't have any toe issues because of swelling or steeper...
  11. darcelona

    LIVE from the Camino The Via de la Plata and Sanabrés in December/January

    Beautiful to read. Thank you for the diary. The weather, shoe, and clothing anecdotes have helped validate my packing list, so thank you for that! I've trained in Altras and it's great to know they have served you well on the VDLP. I start in Seville at the end of next month. One question...did...
  12. darcelona

    Starting the VDLP in February 2022 and Dealing with 90-Day Visa Limit

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I really appreciate everyone's perspective. Being back to work this week has sidetracked me and I haven't had a chance to respond. I definitely won't try the 91-day option. Not that kind of a risk-taker :) I think I will try changing my flight once again to a...
  13. darcelona

    Starting the VDLP in February 2022 and Dealing with 90-Day Visa Limit

    Thank you @clivespicer @cbacino @C clearly and @geraldkelly for your insights and suggestions. My end date isn't movable because of coordinated flights with others, but I did move my inbound flight by 2 days to get down from 93 days to 91 days. I just didn't want to lessen by one more day...
  14. darcelona

    Starting the VDLP in February 2022 and Dealing with 90-Day Visa Limit

    Buen Camino. I'm giving myself lots of might catch up to me!
  15. darcelona

    Starting the VDLP in February 2022 and Dealing with 90-Day Visa Limit

    Hello all! First-time pilgrim and I'm planning to start the VDLP in late February this year. I will be arriving in Spain at the end of January and doing 4 weeks of Spanish classes in Madrid, Valencia and Malaga before starting the Camino in Seville. I would love to hear from anyone starting...

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