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  1. Vacajoe

    Seeking advice from tall peregrinos on sleeping arrangements

    You’ll have better luck with private rooms and more upscale accommodations (casa rurals, hostels) that might have the occasionally longer or bigger bed (you can sleep diagonally!). Albergues have pretty standard, shortish beds and it they are bunk beds, it’s even worse.
  2. Vacajoe

    Best time to purchase plane tickets

    Random search ORD-MAD show multiple roundtrip flights in the $900s. (USD). Train/bus travel to SJPdP and from Santiago will add some, but you’ll still easily be under $1500.
  3. Vacajoe

    Walking from Pamplona to St. Jean Pied de Port

    Yes, be ready for endless comments of “you are walking the wrong way!” or “you lost” or “headed home” or so similar. While there are times that the path will be obvious simply because there is no other way to walk or the crowds are present, you should really get a gps-based app or map to keep...
  4. Vacajoe

    What distances should we use?

    Unlike the marked pilgrim path, Google maps simply shows you the shortest route between two points. The Camino may meander, avoid larger roads, follow “unknown” country paths, visit important sites, etc. Both are correct. If you plan to walk a Camino, use the app. If you simply need to get...
  5. Vacajoe

    Recommended walk in France into SJPP or Bayonne (3-6 days)

    Pelerina: thanks for the clarification of date! If you are doing Bayonne to Pamplona, I’d recommend SJPdP to Bayonne (Nive Route). Pilgrim accommodations, decent waymarking, and truly lovely Basque Country. The one deterrent is that you’d double walk some of the route when you did your second...
  6. Vacajoe

    Schwab account questions

    I use it sometimes for our purchases, but prefer accruing points and the travel protections on my CC. My daughter uses it several times a day in the UK as a credit card and has had zero problems in the past 2 years.
  7. Vacajoe

    Spanish beaches

    The beaches are fabulous and unending, but It’s a log way from SdC to Cádiz to Germany. I’d rather spend those two travel days AT the beach rather than on a bus or train.
  8. Vacajoe

    Spanish beaches

    Finisterre, San Sebastián, St Luz (France), Biarritz (France) - all lovely beaches and in the northern Spain/southern France region. If they are headed to Germany, I’d avoid heading further south
  9. Vacajoe

    Recommended walk in France into SJPP or Bayonne (3-6 days)

    What time of year? And where are you extending this from?
  10. Vacajoe

    LIVE from the Camino Caryn on the Aragonés

    Sad to hear that about Santa Cilia - we had a lovely stay there in 2018 including a dinner of Aragon specialities made with local products. The hospitalera then was great, too.
  11. Vacajoe

    Heads Up on Shoes Taken From Gite

    I separate each shoe from the other one, so it’s not easy to mistakenly (or purposefully) grab both.
  12. Vacajoe

    Mont St Michel Way to Tours

    Walked from Caen to MSM - way marked, but poorly supported for a pilgrim on foot. Lovely route through a very historic countryside. This website is hosted by a group dedicated to MSM pilgrims. It’s a wealth of information and they even carry credentials...
  13. Vacajoe

    Bus from Biarritz airport to Bayonne?

    Follow the other dozen pilgrims who are also headed to the bus stop! 😂. It’s literally out the front door and to your left. Ask anyone out there and they will help you. It’s a very small airport! HOWEVER, walking from the airport into Bayonne is a task I highly endorse! It gives you a chance...
  14. Vacajoe

    Unsettling Experience with Strangers at Hostel

    You need to add AlertCops and Google Translate to your phone so you can communicate in such an emergency. Sorry you suffered through this. What city?
  15. Vacajoe

    Easter Sunday 2024 - March 31. What does this mean?

    Ooof!!! I’d definitely check on whether that bus will run since that IS Easter Sunday! And if it does run as usual, expect it to be very full - get tickets as soon as they become available.
  16. Vacajoe

    Getting through Lisbon airport

    Could be quick, could be really, really long. Sorry, but it’s impossible to say. Even your seating in the plane matters, since it could be the difference between first in the Immigration line versus stuck behind the 300 other people from your flight. Why not plan to stay a day or two in Lisbon...
  17. Vacajoe

    SAINT-JEAN (1st Day) failure rate 40%?!

    I think her 40% stat may be a misunderstanding of those that register in SJPdP versus those that collect a Compostela after walking the Camino Frances without considering that not everyone chooses to receive the end document or that some plan to only walk a portion of the route. In any case...
  18. Vacajoe

    SAINT-JEAN (1st Day) failure rate 40%?!

    Sounds like you’ve watched more than enough now. Do yourself a favor and turn it all off. Go walk and enjoy rather than watch and worry.
  19. Vacajoe

    Ryanair Carry-On Dilemma: Need Your Advice!

    It’s POSSIBLE - I did the St James Way in England plus another 8 weeks of European travel with a partially packed 28L bag, cinched down to the personal bag dimensions. I do not recommend this for first-timers nor if you are walking in shoulder seasons when the weather is unpredictable. It...
  20. Vacajoe

    Too Much Time!

    Simply enjoy the beautiful city of Santiago, first as a pilgrim and then the next days as a tourist!

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