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    the one refuge without a stamp

    You're right. I've since remembered it's Granon. Still no stamp.
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    the one refuge without a stamp

    Can anyone tell me the name one refuge on the Camino which has no stamp ?[ I am writing up my notes after having completed the Camino.Since it has no stamp I've forgotten where it is !]
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    What Was Your Biggest Mistake

    Thought Belfast was British !
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    Atheist walks the Camino

    Guardian ? That says it all for me !
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    parking saint jean pied de la port

    Many , many thanks . I now see the solution ! Chris M
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    parking saint jean pied de la port

    I hope someone can help . I intend to walk the camino from St Jean starting in a few weeks time.I would like to motorcycle from my home in Britanny to St Jean. My question is , is there anywhere I can leave a motorcycle but even more important [because more difficult to find a place ] where can...

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